10 Place You Are Forgetting To Vacuum

10 Places You Are Forgetting To Vacuum | Vaccum Bazzar

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Vacuum the house every day is the key to a healthy environment. But are you doing it right? Yes, technology has indeed come a long way. Your cleaning tasks have been made much easier. But sometime you can forget to vacuum some place. Let’s see 10 Places You Are Forgetting To Vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners can now reach almost anywhere in your home. Attachments with them can reach places where you may not have been able to clean them even once a month before. But are you using it properly?

Perhaps you are still leaving some space. Indeed, it is not possible to clean every corner of the house every day in daily trouble. However, there are some places where it is important to clean at a certain time because it is related to your and your family’s health. The task will probably not be so difficult for you, as modern vacuums come with very effective accessories.

Many think that it is possible to ensure a healthy environment just by cleaning the floor but the argument is not true. Some important places in the house need to be cleaned regularly. And which can spread germs. You probably don’t want any germs or allergens in your home. Here are 10 places you forgot to vacuum.


10 Place You Are Forgetting To Vacuum

You want to ensure a 100% healthy and safe environment for your family because you love to keep them safe. So you need to make sure that every corner of the house is clean so that dust and dirt do not accumulate in it and spread allergens and harmful germs.

Here are 10 places you might have forgotten to clean up and where your child is probably going.



In many cases, window sills can become a special necessity in the house. Maybe your pet likes to jump up there or play, maybe you also like to see the view outside by rubbing your elbows there. So keeping the environment clean is very important.

But did you put it on your daily cleaning list? Most of the time we forget to clean it, and not after our sight. If the seal is not included in the clean, you should keep it. Window seals should be cleaned daily. If your daily cleaning list is getting longer, you must clean window seals two or three times a week. This will ensure a healthy environment for you and your family.

Mattress and Foam Pillows

Mattress and Foam Pillows need to be vacuumed regularly. Although you are using it every day, it is not possible to shake it off every day. Dust constantly accumulates in their deep areas and creates an unhealthy environment. It even increases the chances of bed bugs. You probably forgot about cleaning it.

According to experts, mattresses should be flipped well within 3 to 6 months, change their position and leave in the sun for a few hours if possible. But vacuum them regularly. Most vacuum models currently have the necessary attachments. With the help of which dust and dirt can be cleaned from the mattress very nicely. However, manufacturers must be consulted before doing so, as some mattresses can be damaged due to vacuum suction. Take appropriate steps to clean them.

Blinds and Shades

Blinds and Shades

If you don’t clean the blinds regularly, it can make you look horrible. You will be surprised to know that blinds can attract dirt. Some models have polyester yarn or fibrous material that traps the dirt and it tends to be more damaged due to your lack of regular cleaning.

Although it is completely out of our site, the blinds catch our eye when we close them and it spreads to every part of them. This can make you very angry when a large chunk of dust is sprinkled around it when you close the blinds. So keep it clean to have time.

Vacuum crevices can be used for this. Dusting brushes will also work well. One part should be cleaned one by one so that it can be cleaned well. If you have time, wipe with a damp cloth every time you clean the dust. Blinds should be thoroughly washed and dried with soap and water at least once a month. This will maintain their brightness.

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One thing you must forget about cleaning is to clean the ceilings. According to a survey by Dyson, it is found that about two-thirds of people forget to clean ceilings when cleaning. The survey was conducted on about 10,000 people in 10 countries.

Ceilings are a part where there is nothing but a fan, but empty ceilings and corners can accumulate a lot of dust, including spider webs. And dust can settle on the fans of ceiling fans, which can then spread around by spreading air and possibly enter the body with your exhalation. This can be quite unhealthy.

It is very important to vacuum them regularly. Although it is quite high, stick vacuums may be suitable for this purpose. With the help of a crevice tool, it is possible to do the job nicely.

Shelves, Pet Beds


Like other places, your shelves are being deprived of cleaning. Even if you don’t forget it, you still think it’s clean, perhaps giving rise to build-ups and allergens. With the wind, a lot of dust is constantly gathering in the inner parts of the shelves which are invisible to your eyes.

Remove the books and all the tools at a certain time and vacuum inside them. You can use vacuum dusting brushes for this. If possible, wipe with a damp cloth. And dry the area before resetting the equipment

Pet Beds

Your pet bed needs to be cleaned just like our mattresses. Rather you need to clean the pet bed more frequently than the bed. Even though you are cleaning their fur with the help of a vacuum’s Pet tool almost every day, it is very important to clean their corners thoroughly. Basically, you need to do this to reduce the risk of dust, insects, or allergens. It is best to use a motorized brush tool.

If it is covered separately, be sure to wash and dry it in warm soapy water every other week. It will definitely prove to be a better way than a vacuum.

Keyboard and Lampshades

Keyboard and Lampshades

Hopefully, you’re not one of those people who doesn’t clean up their keyboards until the dirt builds up. You may spend most of the day with your computer keyboards. But how many times do you clean these. Objects like keyboards are not spared from the dust that blows with the wind every day. Since it is not easy to clean these perfectly, it is not right to let the dust settle in them.

These keyboards cannot be cleaned perfectly with a cloth. Vacuum’s dusting brush is most suitable for this. If you have a lot of such items, you need to make sure you have a dusting brush with you when buying a vacuum cleaner.


Do you think that you forgot to clean your baseboards? The baseboards we place to further enhance the beauty of the room. If it continues to be dusty day by day, it will definitely disappoint you. Help your pale white baseboards before they become uglier.

Your point should be noticed. They can return to life just a few times during your daily vacuuming. Dusting brushes that come with a vacuum can play a helpful role in cleaning them.

House Plants, Lampshade

House Plants

Your houseplants, which add a different dimension of beauty to your home environment, would you like to let them have a break in their normal process and healthy living? Of course not!

 Due to dust and dirt, a covering is formed between the leaves and it cannot absorb sunlight, which can weaken the leaves. It is very important to keep them clean regularly. The leaves can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Even a soft brush can do the job well.


Your lampshades are not giving as bright light as before; the most logical reason is that the lampshades are covered with dust. When white lamps have a dust cover, they can’t emit maximum light, and you think it’s time to change.

It is vital to clean these at regular intervals. Turn off the light to clean the lamps. And use the vacuum’s crevice tool to clean the sleeves perfectly. You can use a vacuum dusting brush to clean around it. Visit here to see our other guide to vacuum cleaners.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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