BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max Review

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It’s really annoying and exhausting that you have to save energy to mop the floor after running around the house with a vacuum cleaner, don’t you? You almost get tired of operating each device. Sometimes you think a combination of the two is a device that makes your work easier and faster. Let’s know about BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max Review.

So BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max is for you as a solution to this problem. Bissell is a popular brand and they can understand your mind. Bissell knows what you want. The BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max comes as a versatile cleaner with a much more advanced, vacuuming and mopping feature than its predecessor, the Bissell CrossWave.

It comes as a solution to almost all the problems of cleaning your floor. They have great skills in cleaning carpets and rugs, including hard floors. Perhaps the device will save your money to buy a carpet cleaner. They have several modern features. Today’s discussion includes a detailed discussion of these unique features. Keep reading…

BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max Review


Pros of BISSELL CrossWave

  • Vacuum and wash at the same time
  • Water is mopped up for a quicker dry
  • Manual control of how much water to use
  • Cordless for convenient cleaning
  • Safe for use on sealed, hard floors (like tiles) and low area rugs
  • “Edge-to-edge” cleaning to help pick up debris along the baseboard
  • Separate tanks for cleaning solution and dirty water
  • Marking lines to help determine water-to-solution mixture level for “large” and “small” areas
  • Hair and debris strainer inside the dirty water tank
  • Roller has some bristles to help scrape hair and smaller debris off the floor
  • Docking station for convenient charging and to hold/dry an extra roller
  • Self-cleaning cycle to flush out debris for the next cleaning
  • Quite lightweight
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Swivel steering for easier maneuvering
  • 2-year warranty
  • Warranty covers battery
  • Wi-Fi for connection with the “Bissell Connect” app. See USAGE TIPS for more
  • Easy assembly and disassembly

Cons of BISSELL CrossWave

  • Maybe it’s become expensive for you (But it’s worth the money)
  • You have to disassemble and clean the entire unit every once in a while

Specification of BISSELL CrossWave Max

As I have already said BISSELL CrossWave Max possesses several outstanding features, a detailed discussion of each of these features will help you better understand what BISSELL CrossWave Max can basically do for you. With just one machine you can vacuum at any time and do mopping at the same time. And in addition to cleaning hard floors, they have remarkable skills in cleaning carpets and rugs. The machine is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery. So it gives you long battery life. Let’s get to know them more deeply.


Bissell has always been known for its cleaning power. It generates as much energy as you need for cleaning and they promise.

The BISSELL CrossWave Max creates strong suction with about 100 air watts. In the case of a vacuum, it can pick up dirt from anywhere. The same energy is used for mopping; in this case, the extra used is a cleaning solution. The cleaning formula is with BISSELL CrossWave Max.

How long the machine will run depends on their charge. They have a 36V lithium-ion battery, which takes about 4 hours to fully charge, and according to the manufacturers, the CrossWave Max can deliver up to 30 minutes of power. However, depending on how high power you run the device, its duration may be further reduced. However, their runtime has improved a bit compared to previous versions of CrossWave Max. They have a charging dock for charging it is automatic so it continues charging despite having storage.

Body Design

The 45.5 inches high BISSELL CrossWave Max is a very lightweight vacuum that gives you a great operating experience. The CrossWave Max comes with a much lighter weight than the Bissell CrossWave.

They have an ergonomic handle that allows the device to operate easily. There is a power button on the top of the vacuum’s main motor and there are mood-setting options. One of the two options is hard floor cleaning and the other is carpet and area rug mode.

They have dual tanks, which are located one on top of the other. Dirty water is stored in the tank just above their brush roll and the tank above it provides clean water. And there are specific places to keep the formula. It has a fill line so that the formula is not wasted in cleaning small spaces.

Although this model has less cleaning width, Cordless Max has a thicker floor brush, allowing more depth to absorb dirt. Their thick brushes can pick up dirt from deeper. They have a self-cleaning button that allows the brushes to be cleaned.


The BISSELL CrossWave Max is an extremely lightweight machine compared to their features. BISSELL CrossWave Max does a lot for you so most of their parts are normal, but the Bissell manufacturers have done the job very finely.

Weighing just 11 pounds, this vacuum is easily portable. Although it’s an upright vacuum’s body design so it won’t be about carrying them high. They have the advantage of a handle so that they can be easily carried anywhere, even on the stairs.


Yes, they are pricy. But in the real sense, it’s worth the price. To own a BISSELL CrossWave Max you need to charge around four hundred dollars. But if you wonder what BISSELL CrossWave Max can really do for you. There is a long answer to this.

A device that can be used for vacuuming to clean all the dry dirt in your home has a mopping feature that makes it possible to mop after a vacuum without having to buy a separate device and have a different device ready to do the job.

The device cleans carpets nicely with the same energy as it can clean hard floors. The BISSELL CrossWave Max comes with a cleaning solution application so you can use it just like a carpet cleaner to clean small messes.

Lastly, Bissell is charging you a fair price for the BISSELL CrossWave Max.

Special Feature

For the first time, Bissell has created a great device with a combination of vacuuming and mopping features. At the same time they have the ability to clean hard floors and carpets; they have extraordinary cleaning ability as well as a touch of advanced technology.

Connected with WiFi

The BISSELL CrossWave Max has, for the first time, brought them into an upright vacuum with the Wifi Connecting System. This is the first for Bissell and anything new for any other upright vacuum. Wi-Fi connections were common in robotic vacuums.

With the help of any of your Android phones, you can take control of your device. You can find out their location from a distance and how much charge it has completed.

Wet-dry Pick up

The CrossWave Max serves as a versatile device for you. It can pick up such dry dirt on the one hand and the other hand, it sprays a liquid for mopping. They have a trigger to do the job where the pressure spreads the liquid and absorbs the remaining dirty water as soon as your mop is finished and helps to dry the place instantly.

Take a quick look

Dimensions45.5 x 10.25 x 10 inches
Weight11.5 lbs
Cleaning path width10.5″
Battery voltage36 V
Expected run-time30 mins
Charging time4 hours
Floor compatibilityHard floors, low-pile carpet
Clean Water Bin capacity28 oz
Dirty Water Tank capacity18.6 oz
Suction power100 AW
LED lightsYes
Brush roll auto-cleaningYes
Removable batteryNo
Accessoriesa docking station, a strainer, 2 brush rolls, 4 bottles of 8-oz cleaning formula
Smartphone appYes
Noise level70 dB
Warranty2 years
PriceCheck Price

Bissell CrossWave Max vs Bissell CrossWave Cordless vs Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro

Here’s a comparison chart between the 3 versions of CrossWave, the Max, the Cordless and the Pet Pro:

ProductBissell CrossWave MaxBissell CrossWave CordlessBissell CrossWave Pet Pro
Dimensions45.5 x 10.25 x 10 inches46.5 x 13.6 x 12.9 inches46 x 12 x 10.5 inches
Battery36 V36 Vcorded
Weight11.5 lbs12.5 lbs11.5 lbs
Bin capacity28/18.6 oz28/14.5 oz28/14.5 oz
Cleaning path width10.5 inches12 inches12 inches
WiFi connectivityYesNoNo
Expected run-time30 minutes25 minutescorded
Noise66-70 dB66-70 dB70-76 dB
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Bissell CrossWave Max vs Hoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet

As you see, the Crosswave Max is better at almost all chapters. Unfortunately, it’s also much more expensive:

ProductBissell CrossWave MaxHoover ONEPWR FloorMate Jet
Dimensions45.5 x 10.25 x 10 inches44.9 x 11.4 x 9.8 inches
Battery36 V20 V
Weight11.5 lbs10.4 lbs
Bin capacity28/18.6 oz22/11 oz
Cleaning path width10.5 inches11.4 inches
WiFi connectivityYesNo
Expected run-time30 minutes20 minutes
Noise66-70 dB72 dB
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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