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To many the question may seem pointless, they may think that cleaning the house is an easy task and dusting or vacuuming can be started with either one. I agree with them that cleaning the house is an easy task but by following some methods or tricks you can finish it more perfectly, tidy and in less time. Although both dusting and vacuuming have some advantages and disadvantages of their own, it can only be clarified by explanation.

The subject is a lot like the question “before the tree or before the apple” I will give that answer in detail today. Although both dusting and vacuuming have some advantages and disadvantages of their own, they can only be clarified by explanation. This will make your whole idea clear. And not only that, I will share some tricks on how to do dusting and vacuuming successfully. Read below to know how you can make your home more vibrant.

What is Dust in the House

Dust can be noticed almost everywhere although it does not catch the naked eye all the time. However, it is always visible in the sun’s rays. With the help of our windows, doors or ventilators, the dust always with the air takes their place in almost every place starting from our furniture and gradually it forms a layer. Although it is easy to remove, it can be difficult to eliminate completely. However, it is possible to eliminate them if we reduce their arrival.

This dust can be harmful to us a lot of the time. Especially those who have shortness of breath. Again, dust particles can be difficult to remove from an object’s compressed space. So, we should clean this dust regularly so that it does not cause any harm to you. Just a duster or microfiber cloth is enough to remove it. And it’s pretty easy to do.

What is Vacuuming in the House

A vacuum cleaner is a sophisticated and successful house cleaner. There are various models on the market now that come with excellent features. Not only the floor but also the stairs, sofas, beds, and even the upholstery can be cleaned perfectly. They do a great job cleaning the carpets. It can instantly suck dust out of the house and give a clean and tidy house in no time.

What Should You Do First Dusting or Vacuuming?

Dust or Vacuum First? Basically, from their own place they each do something amazing. Of course, they come with several benefits. It needs more explanation to better understand their benefits. The answer to that question may be ….

Should Always Dust First!

Always start with dusting first. The simple reason for this is that it can do nothing more than clean the dust. With the help of your duster or microfiber cloth it is possible to trap any dust. Especially from the upholstery.

Since the dust is a mixture of very small corners, it spreads throughout the house with the help of air and starts forming layers. Especially in cabinets, tables, sofas etc. Even the wall and ceiling fans are not left out. So, after dusting it, the last refuge of all the dirt is the floor, when the vacuum comes in handy. After dusting, then you can easily suck up all the rest of the dust particles and debris.

Then vacuuming …

I have already reported that the dust is constantly flying and forming a layer on each piece of furniture. So, if you pick up the vacuuming before dusting it means you’re still leaving a lot of dust particles. And after dusting the ceiling and furniture, it will make the floor dirty again and once again you have to vacuum. It may be that you just need to vacuum more than once if you want to clean perfectly with the help of a vacuum. And it can be really annoying.

Starting a vacuum without dusting can often do the opposite of good health. In places where the vacuum does not reach, dust is very important

Secret Tip’s for Dusting to Vacuuming

Dusting and vacuuming are very important for house cleaning so it is very important to do these steps properly. It is not possible to get a completely dust-free house if you take these important and potential steps randomly. So below we have discussed a few steps that will help you to do the job successfully.

Step: 1- Dust the Top Area First

Before starting dusting, decide the location from which part of the house you will start it. Always start work from the top of the room. Such as ceiling and fan. You will notice that a pile of dust is coming down. If you do this later you will have to do vacuuming once more. So always start from the top of the room

Step: 2- Working on the Middle Location of the Room

Now clean what is in the middle of the room. Clean the furniture, upholstery, cabinets, table surfaces. You are going one step further down. This will prevent the above equipment from dusting again.

Step: 3- Use Proper Dusting Tools

Appropriate and necessary cleaning tools make the job much easier. And you should make a cleaning kit, which stays in the same place at work. Here is a list of the tools you need to clean your house:

  • Cleaning gloves
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning duster
  • Various sizes brushes
  • Broom
  • Dustpan

Step: 4- Vacuum Higher Areas

Vacuum the top areas with your regular vacuum cleaner. One suggestion, when choosing your regular vacuum, is to choose a vacuum that brings the necessary attachments. Use upholstery tools and use crevice or dusting tools.

Step: 5- Clean Pet Hair Carefully

Use pet tools to clean pet hair from the sofa or bed. Most vacuums bring the ability to clean a pet’s hair. It is important to clean the pet’s hair thoroughly to make the house healthy.

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Step: 6- Vacuum the Floor

Now you have to do the most important thing. Thoroughly vacuum the floor with a vacuum cleaner. You have to do it very well. Clean every corner of the house. It will be easier if you do the previous things correctly.

Step: 7- Use a Microfiber Cloth

All the steps will be completed in this work. Finally, trap the remaining dust with a microfiber cloth. This is the right time to trap all the dust. Here’s a pro tip, wipe the floor with a damp cloth if possible.


House cleaning can’t kill you, it’s easy if you can do it the right way. You need to clean the house regularly to ensure a healthy environment. We have dust all around us so every object in the house is always plagued with dust, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, as dust can often cause asthma.

Most of the time there is confusion when it comes to cleaning the house, Dust or Vacuum First. So, you already know that you have always seen dusting first and also its logical reasons. So always do it before dusting and after vacuuming to make the cleaning work easier.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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