Hoover Onepwr Evolve Upright Vacuum Review

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The upright and canister vacuums in the vacuum category always come in as the strongest and corded. Stick vacuums are basically known as cordless, however. The positive side of cordless vacuums is that they are best for cordless and small cleaning tasks, but they cannot store dirt like a full-size vacuum. Let’s see Hoover Onepwr Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum Review.

For the first time, Hoover introduced a full-size cordless vacuum in upright design, the Hoover Onepwr Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum. Cordless vacuums are less powerful and less durable. So the Hoover Onepwr comes with a double rechargeable battery, which creates more powerful suction and will be twice as long-lasting as any other cordless vacuum.

Hoover promises Hoover Onepwr is perfect for cleaning pet hair more perfectly. This model of theirs can perfectly suck pet hair and dirt from hard floor and carpet in parallel.

Keep reading the full-review to understand each of their features more deeply.

Hoover Onepwr Evolve cordless Upright Vacuum


Pros of Hoover Onepwr Evolve

  • Power vortex suction
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Double power battery
  • Long runtime
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Big dust container like full-size vacuum
  • Antimicrobial brush rolls for pet hair
  • Multi surface cleaning
  • Self-standing cordless

Cons of Hoover Onepwr Evolve

  • No attachments
  • No filter

Specification of Hoover Onepwr Evolve

The Hoover Onepwr Evolve is a cordless full-size vacuum with a powerful lithium-ion battery and is double as powerful. We can say, it is the best cordless vacuum cleaner. The model is very tough on pet hair. Hoover Onepwr picks the pet’s hair much more perfectly. They can clean a vacuum for a longer period of time since the vacuum is powered by a double-powered battery so it can clean for almost double as long as any other cordless vacuum. Learn about their other features here.

Usability of Hoover Onepwr

It is important for a vacuum cleaner to be strong and how much energy their suction generates. A vacuum can only be described as strong if it has the ability to clean hardwood floors as well as carpets and pay special attention to pet hair pick-ups, just such a vacuum Hoover Onepwr Evolve.

They come with a vortex suction power that is capable of creating a really strong suction. I saw how nicely it sucked each of visible dirt from the hardwood floor. And the carpeted surfaces also had great skills.

Despite their light weight, their brush roll is also designed to gently agitate the floor. With a 4.0 Ah powered motor, a very fast moving vacuum brush carpet can suck dirt from deep.

However, most cordless vacuums cannot use the same energy they use on hard floors for carpets or other surfaces. However Hoover Onepwr is able to clean both surfaces with equal power.

They come with an antimicrobial brush roll, which prevents the spread of odors caused by allergens, and bacteria in the air. This is because it is important that dust and allergens do not spread in the air during cleaning, which is the opposite of fresh breath. So Hoover Onepwr ensures fresh breath with their antimicrobial brush roll. They have many benificial side also. so it is the best upright vacuum.

Body Design

The Hoover Onepwr is designed like an upright vacuum. Since they were battery powered so there was no cord’s trouble. Originally one of the vacuums we reviewed, it was much easier and faster to assemble them. After unboxing them, just cover their parts and insert the battery into their proper place. You’re done. It is ready to vacuum. Note: Necessary to charge the battery 3 hours before use as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

They have an ergonomic handheld that is much more convenient to operate the vacuum. Onepwr evolve can stand on its own, so in any case you can take a break and not have to store them again and again. A large canister is located just above their cleaning head, ready to re-vacuum as they pull the handle back a little from their upright position, which allows you to clean a few rooms at once and even the whole house, so you don’t have to do it again and again. Emptying the vacuum is quite easy.

Just below the handle is their power button and right next to it is the mode button that can be easily moved from hardfloor to carpet mode. And on the back surface is the battery set up.

Pet Perfect

Hoover Onepwr has a special ability that can get some special points for picking up pet hair. Brushes that rotate faster than their 4.0 Ah motor power can pull stubborn dirt. They do exactly the same thing for stubborn pet hair and it sucks the stuck hair efficiently.

They roll brushes on every fiber of the hardwood floor as well as the carpet so any dirt gets out of their depths and the hairs of the pass can pull it even though it is stuck with the carpet fibers. This is something quite powerful.

If you have multiple pet and are looking for a cordless light weight vacuum, Hoover Onepwr is a great choice. They work great against pet messes. Best handheld vaccums for pet hair can be other choise.

Battery System

The key to Hoover’s cordless vacuums is their powerful and original lithium ion batteries. Different brands of cordless vacuums have lithium ion batteries but Hoover is unique for their battery power.

The Hoover Onepwr comes with a double powered battery. Their batteries are always removable and one of their specialties is that the batteries are interchangeable with their similar models. If you have two models of hoover, it is possible to run two vacuums with the help of the battery on top of one battery.

Since they have removable batteries you have the opportunity to keep an extra battery and if a charge runs out you can use the battery immediately and thus double the cleaning time. They can be cleaned for more than 35 minutes with a single charge. Their lithium batteries take relatively less time to charge

Hoover Onepwr basically comes with 9 different models which come in different categories. Basically Hoover wants to be able to complete all the daily cleaning work of a house in one package. Under the Hoover Onepwr is a wet-dry vac, a handheld, spot cleaner, stick mood and a cord-free blower. This will help you to clean the inside of your house as well as around the house and outside the house. Dry leaves from your yard or wet spills in the basement or garage can all be cleaned. With the help of their spot cleaner, it is possible to clean the car seats including the sofa. And each of their batteries is removable and exchangeable.

Take a Quick Look

Product dimension11 x 44 x 9.5 in.
Brush roll on/offYes
Battery4.0 Ah
ChargerCharging stand
Charging time3 hours
Battery life35 minutes
Weight9 Pounds
Cleaning path10″
Charge indicatorYes
Dust capacityFull size
Motor Warranty 3 years
Price Check price

Our Verdict

If you desperately want a cordless vacuum and floor cleaning is your only demand then Hoover Onepwr Evolve would be a great choice for you, since they have no extra attachments so pick it up only when your demand is just to clean the floor.

They have great skills to clean the pet from the floor or carpet. Pet hair is quite strict towards pick up. They have two batteries that are removable so one can be added instantly when the other is out of charge. Their single battery charge can clean up to about 35 minutes so a double battery doubles their runtime.

They have a large dirt container so multiple rooms can be cleaned at once. So you don’t have to empty the canister frequently. They don’t have a pair as a skilled cordless vacuum. Visit here to see our other guide to vacuum cleaners.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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