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Real experience can show you the right way. We have seen the actual use of Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner, in the light of which we are going to see if Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner can really give a wonderful experience for your family.

I saw how the Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner became an integral part of a family with two big dogs and kids. By carpet cleaner we have the idea that a large heavy device is not possible for everyone to handle. So how does the Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner make their journey with success?

Since carpet cleaners carry water, they have tanks. Many people bring separate tanks for dirty water, but you will be happy to know that Hoover Powerdash is much lighter and easier to carry with their compact body design. The skill they have shown in pet hair cleaning is really admirable. Their cleaning power will make you more cheerful as they are a sufficiently efficient carpet cleaner for high traffic area. They can remove tiny and stubborn stains from any carpet.

This great cleaner comes with an affordable price that everyone can afford. Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner is one of the most affordable cleaners.


Specification of this Product (Features)

  • 2X MORE CLEANING POWER than the competitive lightweight carpet cleaner
  • POWER SPIN PET BRUSH ROLL: Delivers powerful carpet cleaning with protection
  • HEATFORCE POWER: Delivering an even faster drying
  • EASY-TO-USE design for efficient cleaning and storage
  • POWERFUL CLEANING, Good for high traffic areas and small spaces
  • CLEANING SOLUTION INCLUDED, Comes with a Hoover Trial Size Solution to help enhance your cleaning performance

Pros of this Product

  • With their great suction power, they can efficiently pick up any stubborn dirt from the carpet.
  • Most effective carpet cleaner
  • Most efficient carpet cleaner for pet
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to store, can place anywhere
  • Instant Dry For Their Heatforce Technology
  • 2 Different Tanks for Different Tasks
  • Can easily clean the bottom of the furniture
  • Super portable, can carry anywhere
  • They are easy to manage and can be used by people of any age

Cons of this Product

  • Low cleaning path about 10 inches
  • Small tanks, therefore, need to be emptied frequently if any large space is to be cleaned
  • They are loud in operation

What you’ll get from Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner

Hoover powerdash is one of the best-selling carpet cleaners, one of the budget friendly carpet cleaners. The carpet cleaner gives you some awesome features in their limited price range. In a well budgeted carpet cleaner, the features you will find in hoover powerdash carpet cleaner, they can serve you most of the benefits.

But many times our thinking is wrong; we think cheap products cannot meet our needs. However, in the case of hoover powerdash, the idea would be wrong. The reviews for them prove it. So you need to know their features. We will know the details of their features.

Great Cleaning Power

Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner is a cleaner that is efficient and strong enough compared to their body structure. Hoover Powerdash 8 amp Power, which creates suction that rolls their beater bars and is able to remove and suck every dirt particle from the depths of the carpet.

With their 840-watt input power, they make great suction that can easily clean thick piles of carpets. Hoover Powerdash is far ahead of its competitors in terms of carpet cleaners.

Super Compact Body Structure

As a carpet cleaner, we think heavier and wider than normal upright vacuum cleaners, but Hoover Powerdash is not. It makes them much lighter and more portable than their skills.

Hoover Powerdash weighs only 12.5 lbs. They have a slim handle that allows them to handle easily. Their body has only a 10-inch cleaning path that allows them to be stored in any compressed space. They are easy to carry so they can be easily carried by stairs.

Pet Perfect

A skilled carpet cleaner, but not proficient in pet mess cleaning, we prefer to avoid it. Hoover Powerdash gives you the good news to relax; they can support you in cleaning any pet mess skill.

Hoover Powerdash makes it possible to clean pet hair perfectly from the carpet with their sophisticated power spin pet brush roll. The Hoover Powerdash carpet cleaner comes with a great ability to clean pet messes in exactly the same way we want it when we pick vacuum cleaners we want the best vacuum for pet hair.

Get in Affordable Price

You’ll be happy to know that Hoover Powerdash brings all their awesome features within a very limited price range. A carpet cleaner has different characteristics than any other type of vacuum cleaner (like stick vacuum, canister vacuum, robotic vacuum, wet-dry, or central vacuum), and they mostly contain important features like carpet shampooing. But they are not always expensive.

Hoover Powerdash proves it; it has all the great features that a device is enough to clean your carpet. But you will be happy to know that you can own it for less than a hundred dollars. Hoover Powerdash is a great carpet cleaner within your reach.


There is not enough attachment with Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner but it will make you fully appreciate being a carpet cleaner. Hoover Powerdash carries the full meaning of being a carpet cleaner. As carpet cleaners, they can remove dirt very efficiently, and with the help of their advanced technology, they can remove pet hair from the carpet efficiently.


Warranty is a very important topic for any electric device. Basically, the long warranty of the manufacturers proves the durability of the product. Hoover powerdash Despite being a low-budget carpet cleaner, like other high price ranges, they have a 1-year warranty, ensures their skills. Those who have set their mind to purchase the device must be sure about the warranty at the time of purchase.

Noise Level

Sad but true Hoover Powerdash is a loud sounding device. Hoover Powerdash is a truly efficient carpet cleaner at an affordable price but they sound quite loud during operation. Using any device with high noise is extremely annoying. Since it only makes noise during the operation, it can be taken as an exception considering the aspect of their efficiency. Despite the hover powerdash being loud, everyone liked it for their work efficiency.

Since Hoover Power dash makes a lot of noise, it can scare your pet.

Noticeable features

Hoover Powerdash pet carpet cleaner is a budget-friendly carpet cleaner. Experience their great feature you can get for just ninety-nine dollars. Hoover Powerdash has become everyone’s favorite cleaner mainly because of some of its special features. So the features are highlighted in detail.

Antimicrobial PowerSpin Brush Roll

Hoover Powerdash sets carpet cleaners apart from other cleaners mainly because of their powerspin brush roll. They are so efficient that from the depths of the carpet they can pick up every hair and dirt particle of the pet. It can remove pet mess from carpet much more efficiently than your vacuum cleaner.

Their power spin brushes are basically made of rubber which is much more flexible and 100% compatible with the fibers of the carpets so they collect all kinds of dirt nicely during the operation.

Since they have no attachment with them, they can make up for the lack of a powerspin brush. They can remove the scars of the pet on the carpet very efficiently while shampooing the carpet. At the same time they can eliminate odors so that you do not have to worry.

HeatForce Power Technology

How long will it take for your carpet to dry after shampooing? The answer may be a few hours, sometimes a whole day (unless it is a cloudy day, then it may take more time). Hoover Powerdash’s Heatforce technology allows you to reuse your clean carpets instantly, which allows you to dry your carpet instantly after shampooing.

Hoover Powerdash puts a pressure on your trigger to create heated air that evaporates from the wet. So with Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner you don’t have to wait long.

Dual Water Tank

Hoover Powerdash comes with two different tanks that reduce your cleaning time by about half. Most skilled cleaners have a tank so there is no shortage of skills to work with, but you have to do it twice. First you have to apply the solution then you have to clean it.

However, Hoover Powerdash has a dual water tank. One is for clear water and the other is for holding dirty water after cleaning. This greatly reduces your workload and saves you time and effort

Comparison Table of Powerdash vs. Smartwash

  WeightHoover Powerdash                            Hoover Smartwash
12.5 lbs.                                                                  19 lbs.
Dimensions15.2″ × 10.1″ × 43.5″                                          18.9 x 13 x 43.5 inches
Cord Length20 ft.                                                                         22 ft.
HeatingHeatForce Technology                                    HeatForce Technology
Motor7 Amps                                                                    10 Amps
Input power840 Watts                                                               1200 Watts
Tank size0.5 gallons                                                              1 gallon
Dual Tank SystemYes                                                                           Yes
Cleaning path10″                                                                           12”
Removable nozzle coverYes                                                                           Yes
Warranty1 year                                                                      5 years
Price$99.99                                                                     $224.99

Wrap Up

You already have a lot of good reasons to finalize Hoover PowerDash as your regular carpet cleaner. Hoover PowerDash is truly a family-friendly carpet cleaner. Each of their special qualities increases their dominance over us.

The most acceptable thing is that they come at an affordable price. You do not have to pay much to buy them. Considering the usage aspect, they are compact design, so easy to carry, easy to move from one place to another. Hoover PowerDash is easy to manage so any age can handle it. Even children or the elderly can control it because their function is quite simple to operate If you have several children and a pet, you must have enough mess to clean your house. Hoover PowerDash can be a perfect choice for your family. They can clean all the messes of the day in a very nice way. Moreover, it is a suitable carpet cleaner for efficient performance in your high traffic areas. You won’t find too many of its weak points. So feel free to have Hoover PowerDash as your trusted carpet cleaner.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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