How to Clean Your Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean Your Bagless Canister Vacuum – Pro Guide In 2023

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A vacuum cleaner is probably the most expensive cleaning tool for a home, in some cases, it is probably the equivalent of the value of any furniture. So if you don’t maintain it properly, it will let you down. In this case you should know how to clean your bagless canister vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner is one of our daily necessities. If you are asked what a vacuum cleaner does for you, you may be able to give a simple and easy answer. But if asked, what do you do for vacuums? You may be surprised. Everyday dust, dirt, hair, and all kinds of dirt pick up and cause various parts of them to get jammed, with the help of which the dirt is pulled out and the air circulates.

With the help of a vacuum every day, many of our difficult cleaning tasks become easier. However, the maximum power of the machines needed to do the work. If the machines continue to jam like this, they will lose their suction day by day.

Is it difficult to clean a vacuum cleaner? Let’s break it down today.


How to Clean Your Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It is important to clean vacuum cleaners but not just to make them shiny. There is a very important reason why vacuum cleaners need to be cleaned regularly. Lack of vacuum cleaning can cause hose pipes or brush rolls to jam. And it may lose suction. It fails to do their job properly due to dirt getting stuck in different places and you think your vacuum lifetime is probably over. But that is not the case.

It is possible to clean vacuum cleaners through a very simple process. As mentioned below, you can clean the vacuum cleaner yourself by following the steps.

For that you will need some tools and each tool is in your kitchen. So it will not cost any extra. Below is a list of necessary tools

Things You’ll Need

  • Dry cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Scissors
  • Washing soap
  • Detergent or any kind of cleaner
  • New filter (If needed)
  • Small brush

Step-1: First, Unplug the Vacuum

The first thing you need to do to clean a vacuum is to have all the necessary tools at hand. This will make the task easier to clean, if you do not do it, the task may seem a bit troublesome to you.

Then keep the vacuum unplugged. Maybe when you clean the floor you think it is important to clean your vacuum and you get stuck. If it is plugged in, an accident can happen as soon as it comes in contact with water

Step-2: Remove All the Removable Parts of the Vacuum

Remove All the Removable Parts of the vacuum

Open the parts of the vacuum that can be washed and unscrewed. It can be cleaned better. In this case, there is a suggestion to put the screws in a container after opening and remove. The screws are so small that they can be lost or dropped at any time. The issue is very small but important. Without a screw maybe your vacuum will be full.

Step-3: Wash the Hose and Brush roll

Wash the Hose and brush roll

Vacuum suction can often be lost due to the vacuum’s roller brush not rotating properly. The rotating brush can be considered as the culprit for the suction loss of the vacuum. Rotating brush’s main task is to sweep debris and dirt into vacuum cleaners airflow suction. The brush makes things easier for the cleaner to pick up trash. So their effect may be to create suction to prevent their rotation.

So it is important to clean the vacuum brushes. It is covered with a lot of dirt and hair in daily cleaning work especially when cleaning carpets so cleaning after a long time can be challenging for you. And at the same time it is important to know the correct way to clean them.

An important part of the vacuum is the hose pipe especially for a canister vacuum cleaner. This is not uncommon for hose pipes to be clogged behind the loss of suction of a vacuum. If the hose of your vacuum is really jammed, it will not be able to absorb the dirt perfectly even if it creates suction and you may feel that your vacuum is losing suction.

Check the hose pipes as they may get dirty inside. You need to clean them immediately. The hosepipe is not only for increasing suction but it can also leak hose pipes so it is much more important to clean it in time. What you need to do before the pipe leaks, once it leaks, I suggest replacing the hose pipe.

A broom or something thinner should be used to clean them. It can reach the end of the dirt inside the pipe. However, here are the pro tips for cleaning hose pipes.

How to Clean Vacuum’s Hose

How to Clean Vacuum’s Roller Brush

Step-4: Clean the Dirt Container and All Other Components

Clean the Dirt Container and All Other Components

Always check the vacuum bag. Notice their dust bags in case of bagged vacuum. Check and replace at a specified time after cleaning.

Notice the fill line of their dust container in case of bagless vacuum. Empty it before crossing it because when you see it on the fill line it gets jammed and can’t suck the dirt. You should note that even if it sounds normal, it will not be able to absorb dirt properly. Canisters and upright vacuums also have fill lines.

After cleaning the canister, each attachment must be cleaned. Mix detergent with mild hot water. And wash the attachments by dipping. If you notice that there is dirt stuck somewhere, clean it well. After soapy water, rinse again with clean water.

Step-5: Wash or Replace the Filter

Wash or Replace the Filter

This is the important point that’s how our vacuum becomes weak. This is an important point though it is beyond our comprehension how to suction can be lost due to a clogged filter.

Each vacuum must have a motor filter and an additional filter that prevents allergies. Both the motor filter and the HEPA filter can be contaminated with filters that cause blockage in the suction.

It is important to clean the filters at a certain time. Do this at least once a month. You need to remove it to clean your vacuum filter so follow the manual so that it is not damaged, because it can be different in each model.

But notice if it’s time to replace them. It is important to do this in a timely manner when it comes time to change filters.

Step-6: Dry the filter and All the Components

If you have washed your filter, make sure it dries well. If new filters are installed, no problem drying, just install properly.

It is important to dry the vacuum filter because if it is wet, dust can clog the filter. It can jam a lot faster. Be sure to check the manual for vacuum filter replacement. If this replacement is wrong it can damage the vacuum.

The filter can be gently wiped with a cloth to dry. In this case a hair dryer can come in handy. But take the time to do the job. It is best to air dry

Allow the filter as well as other parts to dry, which have already been washed. For the sake of your time, wipe the accessories with a dry cloth. It is best to dry it in the air.

Step-7: Reassemble All the Parts 

Reassemble All the Parts

Remove dust from areas of the vacuum that cannot be washed with submerged water and wipe with a damp cloth.

Assemble the parts of the vacuum that were opened. Attach the screws carefully. Now you have completed all the tasks. Your vacuum is now ready for a dirty pick-up again.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

If you are still involved with some of the questions, you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: How often should I clean the vacuum in a month?

Ans: Try to wash your entire vacuum unit twice a month. If your days are really busy, you must clean the whole unit at least once a month. However, after using the vacuum every time, you must empty the canister after the dirty pickup.

Q: is it necessary to replace the filter when cleaning the vacuum?

Ans: No, it’s not; you don’t have to replace the filter if it’s not time to change your filter and you’re cleaning the vacuum right away. In this case, wash the filters well and dry them well before resetting.

Q: Should I use commercial cleaner to clean vacuum?

Ans: No you don’t have to use any commercial or any ready-made cleaner. It is possible to clean different parts of the vacuum with the help of cleaner in your kitchen i.e. ordinary detergent or soapy water.

Q: Is it time-consuming to clean the vacuum?

Ans: Possibly, you need 1 to 2 hours to do the job. This is because it takes time to open the vacuum parts, wash and dry them, and assemble them.

Wrap up

Vacuum cleaners are an important part of our daily lives and it makes our daily cleaning tasks easier. It is very important for them to take care of them. As a result of daily dirt pick up they get plagued with dirt day by day and at some point, it starts to get jammed. Even vacuum loss suction is due to being very dirty and jammed.

Vacuums are an expensive cleaning tool so replacing them in a month or a year can be much more expensive. But with your little care, the vacuum may lose its life before its time. So be sure to clean them regularly. Clean their hose, filters, and brushes twice a month. If not, do it at least once a month.

Here’s how to keep vacuum cleaners clean through the simple process described above. Now notice the state of your vacuum. If you have a more effective way, please share it with us in the comment box and learn more guide here.

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