How to Clean Canister Vacuum

How to Clean Canister Vacuum | Vacuum Bazzar – In 2023

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Cleanliness is important for everything you use, especially if it is a device that is basically motorized which means electronics. It is very important to clean them at regular intervals. Vacuum cleaners are also a daily use item; they also need to be cleaned regularly. If you want to know How to Clean Canister Vacuum. Read more.

You cannot deny that a vacuum is an expensive tool. Like other expensive furniture in the house, a vacuum is a product that you don’t have in a few days. However, the issue of vacuum is a bit different, that is, you use the object to clean all the dust and dirt in the house. Moreover, you can call it the most expensive inferior device in the house. Vacuums are just as dirty as other tools when you use them, but they are dirtier because you use it to clean all the dirt.

Today we will talk about the maintenance of canister vacuum, in fact, how to increase their lifespan by keeping them clean. Basically how they need to be cleaned. How do you do it yourself without hiring an outsider? I will guide the whole thing from beginning to end.

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Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Why Should Them Clean

Doing the daily cleaning work, dirt constantly accumulates in the devices. So these machines also have to be cleaned. If you think a little deeper than the thing that actually makes the machine move, that is, if their wheel is stuck in something like hair or thread, then their movement is obstructed.

In the same way, if the airflow space of the motor inside the vacuum is gradually getting blocked, think about how much it’s working speed decreases. Since you have acquired ownership of such a device, you must have gained experience in this regard.

I mean, I hope you understand the importance of cleaning the vacuum because negligence in this regard will only harm your pocket, if you neglect the device will soon lose its functionality.

Since you are here to learn how to clean a canister, let’s get started.

Before starting work, keep the following points in mind.

Arrange All The Things
Arrange All The Things
  • Move the vacuum to an empty space, lest it just gets dirty again, in addition, to protect the furniture from dirt or water splashing on other objects in the house.
  • Use gloves to get the job done considering your health.
  • Keep your kids and tell them to refrain from coming in front of anyone in the family if they have breathing problems.
  • If you are thinking of getting help to do this, tell him to use gloves.
  • Make sure you have the necessary water supply. At the same time whether you have taken like liquid cleaner or soapy water, brush, soft or small brush (like a toothbrush), soft cloth, disinfectant liquid or vinegar water, scissors, screwdriver and other necessary items like that.
  • After washing, take a dryer to dry the parts (I would suggest it is better to have your pet’s hairdryer instead of your hair).

Now we are ready to do the work, we will now move on to the practical part of cleaning. If you follow that method, I hope you will be able to complete the work in a beautiful way.

Step – 1

With the canister vacuum, you can sit outside the house or outside the door or in the garage. You must have the manual book in front of you, as I said before for the urgent things. If it doesn’t, it means you’re not paying attention. Anyway, start with the manual.

Unplug The Vacuum
Unplug The Vacuum

Step – 2

Unplug the device. You have to do it now because you have to do the work with water so you have to disconnect the electrical connection with the canister. There is a risk of death.

Read The Manual Book
Read The Manual Book

Step – 3

Take a look at the manual. See which parts the manufacturers allow to open the vacuum and separate the parts for cleaning purposes. There are also guidelines on how to open the part of the vacuum that are allowed.

Wash All The Parts
Wash All The Parts

Step – 4

Wash the parts that do not have an electric connection with soapy water. Do the works in lukewarm water it will be nicely clean, if you do not have a tap on your hand, you can do the washing with water in a large container, so you can do the work sitting in one place. Or pull the line from the water tap through a pipe. Keep the washed attachments in a clean place some distance away.

Clean The Filter
Clean The Filter

Step – 5

Now the work of the main part. Now you will clean the filter. Check the manual to see if the filter is reusable or disposable. If it is disposable then you should have taken care of the matter and bought an extra filter. Many manufacturers offer an extra filter, if any, replace it now.

Or if the filter is reusable, open it and throw the accumulated dirt in the dustbin. Rinse with water, you can use soapy water for cleaning. However, I would suggest using vinegar in the filter or use the antiseptic liquid. This is because germs happily nest in these types of cleaners. Use a brush to remove any stains. Small brushes are more suitable for this. There are different types of liquids available for stain removal and you can use them.

Step – 6

Wipe the filter with a cloth. Put it in a place where air flows to dry, it could be a place near your window. For best results, keep all parts in a warm place. Or use a dryer.

Wipe The Motor
Wipe The Motor

Step – 7

Wipe the motor and the spaces around it with a cloth. Make sure that water does not enter the motor. There is a risk that the motor will be disabled.

Clean The Brush
Clean The Brush

Step – 8

Check if the canister wheels and their brushes are tangled with hair or anything like that. Separate them from the wheel or brush and clean well. If you have a beater bar on your canister, be a little more careful to do the job. Do not try to pull the hair or yarn out of the beater bars as it will damage the rotating brush. Cut the hair or yarn with a pair of scissors and pull out the rest with your hands, if not work can use a theft.

Step – 9

Reset the filter. Continue to see if you can do the job properly.

Step – 10

Attach all the attachments one by one. Check the manual again before it becomes random.

You are now ready with the device to do the job of vacuuming again. No, don’t be frustrated, I just made it a joke. I know you are tired now; of course, you will do the job according to your needs.

Things to keep in mind

Remember that you must do the work at regular intervals if you want your canister to have a long life and it will give you good service and support.

In addition to the work of cleaning, another important thing to keep in mind is to replace its filters in a timely manner. One thing to know is that if your filter is disposable, you must replace it every time you vacuum clean, but if it is reusable; don’t think that there is no need to replace it. Everything has a limitation so all types of filters can be changed after a certain period of time.

It is important to keep an eye on some parts of the vacuum. Every time you vacuum, make sure that something like yarn or hair is not stuck to their wheels, which may hinder their normal movement.

In the same way, check if the brush is OK.

Also, notice that there is no heavy dirt accumulation in the hose pipe and whether the suction is working properly.

Last word

I hope you have found a complete guide on how to maintain your daily use canister. See other guides in the same way. And if you’re thinking about changing canisters, take a look at some of our best-rated canisters.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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