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Central vacuum installation is a powerful way to vacuum the dirty places in your home. It’s not as popular as a portable vacuum, but it’s quite effective. It is so powerful that it is able to clean the piles of dirt from the solid around you. So you must to know How to Clean Central Vacuums Pipe.

The reason why central vacuums are so effective is that they are much stronger to get suction. If you know about their body structure, you can imagine that their motor has been made bigger and stronger because their body is set up in a completely different way.

Due to the limited space in the body of portable vacuums, their suction motor is smaller which is less powerful than the central vacuum. As I said, with the help of a central vacuum you are able to clean very complex and heavy dirt so it is normal for some part of such dirt to get stuck in the pipe.

Since it is a whole system unit it is important to keep every part clean. However, the garbage supply pipe inside the walls remained out of our sight. So it is very important to pay special attention to it. If you do not clean the vacuum regularly, you will not find the vacuum ready for the next use.

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Central Vacuums Pipe
Central Vacuums Pipe


Today We’ll Discuss How to Clean Central Vacuums Pipe

In order to do the cleaning job deeply, at some point all the objects can get into the pipe which can prevent the suction.

Even then, if I were to briefly explain what a central vacuum is, you must have experienced it.

The central vacuum is a complete system unit. These containers are placed in a specific place in the house where basically all the dirt is collected and in one part of it, there is a motor that generates air to vacuum and creates suction.

It is spread throughout the house through pipes that are hidden inside the walls. The stick attached to the beater bar through the hose pipe is used for vacuuming. Because the hose is long, you can use it anywhere in the house.

What should be done to clean the hard or congealed dirt that may have accumulated in the pipe due to deep clean was discussed.

Find The Clogs
Find The Clogs

Find Out Exactly Where the Clogs Are Stuck In The Pipe

Since their suction is powerful, they produce strong air to suck dirt. Just then they suck on something they can’t digest and are unable to digest. They can’t understand the good and the bad of inanimate objects and in the crowd of work, we can’t even notice whether something unwanted has entered them. If not cleaned immediately, a layer of heavy dirt will accumulate later.

Since their suction is powerful, they produce strong air to suck dirt. Just then they suck on something they can’t digest or are unable to digest. They don’t understand the good and the bad of inanimate objects and we don’t even notice in the work crowd whether something unwanted has entered them. If you clean it immediately, the clogs will not accumulate. If you do not do the work, the layer of heavy dirt will accumulate later. Due to which they cannot suck properly.

It becomes difficult to identify exactly where the dirt in the pipes is because the pipe is located inside the wall which cannot be seen with the naked eye. So be careful and cautious whenever you feel that the vacuum is stuck somewhere or the suction is obstructed.

Find It

Now is the time to find out where the problem is. When installing a central vacuum, it is important to make sure that a system has multiple outlets, since it is up to you to decide how many outlets you will use. Give more than one outlet. It has the advantage of cleaning the vacuum.

Clogs can be in any outlet, depending on which one is sucked through. Finding clogs is easier if each outlet has a connection to the central motor of the central vacuum.

When you turn on the device to vacuum, check each outlet and notice which one is getting less air. You can identify the outlet that is giving less air because there is an obstruction.

Things To Do To Clean Clogs

  • You’ve finally found the clogs. Your next task will be to assemble all the ingredients for cleaning from all the dirty pipes.
  • To solve this problem you basically need something that can generate air and pull everything inside slowly. Because we already know that the pipe is located inside the wall which makes it impossible to get out by hand or anything else because you don’t know where the clogs are actually stuck.
  • We discussed above how you can find clogs. Find out if there are actually clogs. Once confirmed, do the next thing.
  • The best way to do this is to use a regular vacuum in your home. However, a wet dry vac can do the job best.
  • To do this, remove the attachment from the shop vac stick, it is possible to choose them for the shop vac.
  • Insert the head of the shop vac into the outlet. Turn on the power of the vacuum. Keep pulling after the wind is generated. Do it for a while.
  • Notice if something is coming. If clogs do not come out after trying for a while, then you have to assume that there is a jam near the central vacuum. So turn on the motor of Central and pull towards Central. Now after trying in all directions will definitely come out.

Hopefully you’ve already solved the problem with Central’s pipes. You must succeed if you follow the instructions given above. For many, the task may seem easy, but for many, the task may seem stressful. But keep in mind that if you want to live in a clean environment, you have to do the work. This is very important for you and the health of your family.

For your convenience, I would like to say a few words for the complete cleaning of the Central Vacuum System.

Clean Whole System Unit (Something Extra)

The first thing we know about the parts of the central vacuum system is that they have a large container with a part for storing garbage and another part with a suction motor. The whole house system is basically powered by a single motor. What they have more are their pipes which are scattered on the wall and hose pipes that are attached to the pipes in the wall through the outlet. You can follow the steps for cleaning.



  • Start with the original machine. When you buy the machine, you must have got a little instruction book. It is time to use it. Open the part of the container that can be opened. You can do the job yourself by reading the manual or if you show laziness in this case, be prepared to spend behind the mechanics.
  • Open the motor. Use a cloth with microfiber to wipe. Remove all accumulated dust. If necessary, you can make the cloth a little damp.
  • Then another important part of it is the turn to clean the filter. The filter is actually a part of cleaning every day. The performance of the system will be quite good through cleaning. Remove the dirt from the filter and wash well with soapy water. If you see stubborn dirt, you can use light hot water.
  • Dry all the parts. Since the container is set up in one place and not in a place where air flows, you can use a table fan to dry it well.
  • One thing to keep in mind when cleaning the main part of the central vacuum is to make sure that the parts you washed before drying have dried well.
Hose Pipe
Hose Pipe

Hose Pipe

  • You already know in great detail how to clean the pipes, the rest is hose pipe. You can use a wire hanger to clean the hose pipe.
  • Insert the curved head of the hanger into the pipe. You can cover some part of the cloth on its head so that it can loosen the loose dirt in a beautiful way. Of course with this some dirt will come and some dirt will remain.
  • Now you can use liquid cleaner with lukewarm water. Or you can use water mixed with vinegar. This will kill the germs.
  • You can use a dryer to dry the inside of the pipe. Make sure this is not your hair dryer. Use your pet’s one.
  • You will find many attachments to the central vacuum. Clean all one by one, only the ones you are using.
  • Now you have cleaned the entire vacuum system. Now it’s time to re-add each part. Attach all the parts and check if you have done the job properly.


Although the central vacuum is a powerful system, it is close to a very limited number of people, because we prefer simple living, so we choose handy vacuums, that is, portable vacuums.

But my opinion would be if you are a big homeowner then install a central vacuum system for your home so that there are many benefits. Their main machine is located far away from the place of use so you do not have to tolerate strange sounds while vacuuming. There are many more benefits you need to know. A central vacuum would definitely be a good choice for your home.

You will get the vacuum in your budget. Visit to know all the benefits of Central Vacuum. If you are thinking about a central vacuum system then check out our list of the best with all the great features. Vacuum Bazzar always trying to helps you to get best guides in this regards.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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