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We love vacuum cleaners because they help us keep our surroundings clean and tidy. But there comes a time when you need to clean the vacuum cleaner. If you have a Miele vacuum, you may want to know how to clean Miele vacuum.

It is very common for this device to contaminate itself at some point while cleaning the dirt and to be honest basically prolonging their lifespan by cleaning them.

It is your responsibility to clean your vacuum cleaner at regular intervals. This not only makes your device shine but also prolongs its life, especially when you have a Miele vacuum.

We know Miele vacuums are the best and price worthy vacuum in their efficiency. If they have some of the best models that are really so skilled that you wonder, that’s how they do it.

It is important to clean any vacuum at a certain time, including the Miele vacuum, if you want to use it well and for a long time.

Miele vacuums come in several versions, bagged, bagless, canister and upright. One of their best models is Miele Triflex HX1 which brings a great experience of cleaning. Here’s how to put one together for use with your vacuum cleaner.


How To Clean Miele Vacuum

Cleaning A Bagless Miele Vacuum

Cleaning A Bagless Miele Vacuum

If you have a Miele bagless vacuum, it is not difficult for you to clean a Miele bagless vacuum. Especially if you have a Blizzard CX1, they have a handle to open the dust pan with which you can easily open it. Simultaneously access them with pleated filters.

You don’t have to make any big bets to clean their filters, they have a Comfort Cleaning Button, it can automatically clean their filters just by pressing it.

Miele bagless, the best part about this vacuum is that if their filters are too dirty, that is, if they need to be cleaned, it automatically shuts off, which tells you that their filters need to be cleaned now.

To clean the filter more perfectly, open the whole of them and immerse them in water. This will give you a better cleaning experience.

The filter must be left to dry for a day after washing as it will cover their wet dirt at the first suck up when it gets wet which will prevent the vacuum from running normally.

Wipe their main unit with a damp cloth or paper towel. Be sure to clean the hose pipe, see here how to clean the hose pipe.

Cleaning A Bagged Miele Vacuum

Cleaning A Bagged Miele Vacuum

Bagged vacuum always means that all the dirt and dust of the vacuum is collected in a bag which is replaceable. The same goes for Miele vacuums. They have brandable bags for storing dirt. A bag can store dirt for about two months, if you vacuum twice a week. If you have a very frequent vacuum or you have a lot of messes in your room, the durability of the bags will be shorter.

You can probably consider washing the bags, it will ruin their quality. As much as the bags are loyal to them, a wash can ruin their skills. So you should change the bags after a certain period of time.

Use there is a button to release the bag. Remove the bag from the dirt compartment. Wipe that part of the machine with a damp cloth. Put a new bag, if you have problems, be sure to check Miele’s manual.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Miele Air Clean uses vacuum bags, so these bags are extremely powerful and come with an auto-seal system. This means that it traps 99.9% dirt and dust inside the bag with 12 levels of filtration so that no one can escape.

Cleaning Miele Filters

Miele vacuum filters are a special attraction of their vacuums. Although most Miele vacuums come with their replaceable filters, Miele experts say it’s best to replace them at regular intervals. However they have several models that come with a HEPA filter and it is washable. Even they have some best hepa vacuum for allergies.

To cleaning washable filters, just remove the dirt. It is very important to make sure that it can be washed with water. If so, there will be a level or the seller will notify you at the time of purchase.

Follow the steps below to clean washable filters:

  • HEPA filter installed in Miele vacuums have a strip that basically indicates to you that it is time to clean the filter.
  • Open the dirt compartment of the vacuum and press the release catch on the filter bracket. Pick up the old and dirty vacuum.
  • Wipe the area with a paper cloth or a damp cloth.
  • Install a new filter. Carefully push it into its designated position and press the bracket to close the filter.
  • Before closing the dust compartment, check that the nozzle of the dust bag is securely connected and you have unfolded the bag.

If you can’t do this, be sure to check out their manual

Cleaning A Miele Turbo Brush And Roller

Their brushes are a great point for Miele vacuums. The skill of their brushes makes them more special and unique. You also should know that, how to remove hair from vacuum roller. Miele can follow the same steps to clean both the roller brush and the turbo brush of vacuums. It will work easily. Follow the steps below:

  • To clean the brushes you need to separate them from the hose pipe.
  • Flip it so you can see below, look at the two plastic screws to remove the cover. Use a screwdriver to loosen them, then you can easily remove it.
  • Remove fluff and other debris with your fingers and remove hair and other debris stuck to it. You can use a pair of scissors to make the job more thorough.
  • The head of the brush needs four more openings to fully open.
  • Now remove all the dirt and put it in water. You can wash them with a mixture of vinegar and water to disinfect. Read the full guide to vacuum brush cleaning here.
  • Wipe the brush dry or give it some time.

Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Miele dazzled them with a stick vacuum by their performance. If you have a Miele Triflex HX1 you may want to clean it and it is normal that vacuums get dirty at a certain time and feel the need for cleaning.

Miele Triflex HX1 can start with their dust container first to clean the vacuum. This is not a difficult process.

  • Open the lid of the dust container according to the instructions.
  • Pull out the fine dust filter in the dustbin and clean it and push the dirt into the bin using the rubber bottom end.
  • Remove the small filter, shake it off and return the filters to their position in the dustbin.
  • Do not wash filters according to Miele’s instructions.
  • Brush cleaning is the same for each vacuum, open the cover of the brush, pull out the dirt and hair that has accumulated in it and wash it with water and put the cover back on.
  • You can use a wet cloth or paper towel to clean other accessories, just wipe.


Each vacuum keeps the demand clean at one stage; it basically helps to increase their durability. Especially their bags or canisters and filters and even brushes are a very important part for cleaning.

Here is every step of how to clean Miele vacuum. Here’s a look at each part of the Miele vacuum and how to clean their stick vacuums.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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