How to Clean Wet-Dry Vac Filter

How to Clean Wet-Dry Vac Filter | With Tips-2023

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We say that shop vacs are capable of sucking any kind of dirt. However, it is important to note that the shop vac is not limited to cleaning your home or garden. Mechanics use shop vacs at easy to clean dirt at various construction sites. We must to know How to Clean Wet-Dry Vac Filter.

They are so great that they can easily absorb heavy dirt. The vacuums work so well at a limited price which is really admirable. You’ll get all the appropriate vacuums for under 100$. I always keep the price in mind. There are definitely some pretty good things you can expect when you spend a little more, shop vacs and so on. You will find them in different sizes. If you are thinking of using it for home, you can take a vac of 5 to 6 gallons which will be cheaper and will be enough for you.

Since you have entered this page to know how to clean the filter of wet-dry vac then you must know what wet dry vacuum is and how it works.

Wet-dry vac
Wet-Dry Vac


How It Works

Shop vac is also called wet dry vac. In short, about the shop vac,

A wet-dry vac is a device that can basically absorb both your wet and dry dirt. They use multiple attachments to clean dry dirt. They have filters for dry dirt and use separate filters to collect wet or liquid dirt.

It can absorb any type of wet or liquid, but how much it depends on how many gallons your vacuum is. Shop vacuums are different than other vacuums. Central vacuums are powerful but they are not like shop vacs in the same way handheld, upright or canisters cannot suck wet.

Exactly When the Shop-Vac Should Be Cleaned

With Shop Vac you can clean quite heavy dirt which you cannot do with a regular vacuum. Central vacuums, however, are a bit of an exception, and their suction is commendable. I’m not going that way anyway.

After the shop vac absorbs so much heavy dirt, when it gets full or some uneven enters through the hose pipe, there must be a problem in the suction of the vac.

Maybe you wonder why the vacuum is doing that. In fact, this has happened due to a lack of cleanliness. After a heavy cleaning job, of course, it is important to clean the vacuum, and this can be done every once in a while. Moreover, the work should be done after a certain period of time.

How to Clean Wet-Dry Vac Filter

We know vacs have two-way quality so they must use different filters to absorb wet and dry dirt. We will learn about these filters and how to clean them in the right way.

Cartridge Filter
Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter

This filter mainly used for a shop vac. Cartridge filters are used in other vacuums besides shop vac. These filters basically depend on the quality of how long you can use them. Cartridge filters can be used for a longer period of time if you take care of them regularly and remove the dry dust that has accumulated on them after each cleaning.

However, be careful to clean the filter. Do not brush the striped parts on the cartridge filters and do not clean them with anything that puts pressure on them. This may damage the filter. Take out the filter and gently clean the dust. In this case, you can get a nice clean by using a filter flosser cleaning tool.

Once the filter is clean, it is important to make sure it dries. Not only in the case of filters, but it is also important to dry each part with a sufficient amount of time after washing. Confirm the matter before reuse.

Reusable Filter

You can reuse reusable filters. Filters are basically made of a kind of paper from which no liquid escapes. It has a ring attached to it to connect the hose pipe. After the dirt has accumulated in them, you can discard it and attach it and use it again.

You can use soapy water to clean it. First, remove the dirt from the basket and clean the filter with water. You can use a stain remover or soapy water to remove stains or dirt from the filter. Rinse well with water at the end of all. Of course, don’t forget to dry it well. Take a full day to dry them well.

Dust & Dry Filter

Such filters basically collect loose or dry dirt. As we know wet-dry vacs contain both wet and dry dirt but in two different filters. That’s why dust & dry filters are used for this purpose.

These are like bags where a ring is placed on a part to connect the pipes. Since they are like bags, you need to make sure that the dirt is stuck somewhere while cleaning. Notice that you have removed all the dirt through the hole. After taking out, wash with water. Use a liquid cleaner to remove stains. Reuse after drying well. Emphasis on drying well is due to the fact that the wetness of the filter can damage the vacuum.

Foam Filter
Foam Filter

Foam Sleeves

The filter of foam sleeves are used to absorb the wetness of the shop vac. These are also used with reusable filters. Foam sleeves are a very important part of a shop vac because the vacuum can absorb water nicely through the foam. When working with the vacuum, the foams continue to suck the water and at one stage the remaining water accumulates in another filter attached to it. Foam sleeve is an important filter for wet dry vacuum.

You will be happy to know that foam sleeves can be cleaned like filters. Use water to remove the dirt that has accumulated on them. If it does not work, hold it under running water. Allow water to pass continuously over the foam so it will be perfectly clean. You can use liquid cleanser or water mixed with vinegar if you want. Water mixed with vinegar will not be able to spread the germs that are formed from the dirt stuck on them.

Care must be taken to allow complete drying before use.

Since there are several types of filters available for a shop vac, I have talked about the types of filters, if you own any other filter then how to clean it.

It takes something to worry about the filters under you; I’m telling you about that too. If the filter is with the shop vac, then you must have received an instruction book when you bought the vacuum, now you follow the instruction book, of course, you can do it well. And if you bought the filter separately, you will get a manual book with it. Avoid and clear up the things it says to avoid.

 Last Words

Filters are a very important part of vacuum cleaners because they contain all the dirt in the vacuum so it is important to clean them regularly so that they can always provide the desired service.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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