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How to Clean Wooden Floors Naturally | Total Solution Covered

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Flooring is an integral part of enhancing the beauty of our home. We choose according to our own choice. Some prefer tile floor and some prefer hardwood floor. Wooden floors really take the beauty of the house to another level but as long as they can keep their shine.

Are you taking proper care of your hardwood floors to retain their brightness?

Hardwood floors tend to be more sensitive than tile floors. If you have a wooden floor, you need to take care of them or else its brightness can discourage you.

You may ask whether to use homemade cleaners to keep them clean regularly or commercial cleaners. Basically, they both have advantages as well as some disadvantages.

Homemade cleaners tend to be much more environmentally friendly than commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to our family members and to our pets. However, the results of commercial cleaners will definitely satisfy you. On the other hand, if homemade cleaners cannot be prepared and used in the right way, it may not prove to be effective.

Nowadays most wood floor owners are finding comfortable and effective results in homemade cleaners. And there is a growing tendency to do this kind of cleaning work yourself. So we need to know how to make cleaners at home, with the help of which get a professional cleaning.

In today’s discussion we will cover all the solutions to keep the hardwood floor clean naturally.


Things You’ll Need

You will need some materials to clean the hardwood. I have mentioned some supplies here, but you will not need all the ingredients in it, just collect those ingredients for the specific of our discussed recipes.


  • A suitable vacuum cleaner
  • Mop (one for damp, like sponge mop and other for a dry mop like microfiber mop)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle
  • Extra cloth gloves
  • Small bowl and a spoon


  • Vinegar: Vinegar is an ingredient with natural acids that you will find much more environmentally friendly than chemicals. We use this domestic ingredient for all kinds of cleaning purposes.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice contains natural acids that can break down oily and dusty particles. It can clean up the dirt on your floor and bring it back to its original state.
  • Essential oil: We apply essential oils to get rid of any odor. It spreads a distinct fragrance as a result of use.
  • Dishwasher liquid: Dishwasher liquids or soaps work very well against any oily debris. So gives a really nice result against the greasy floor

Homemade recipes

We can take proper care of hardwood floors by cleaning them regularly. They may have to be cleaned regularly; we need to clean them for the grimy floors to shine them. For that we can use different recipes and which you will do with the help of some homemade ingredients. Since vinegar is a great ingredient for any cleaning job, as always we will look at their uses for cleaning hardwood floors and also see recipes without vinegar.

Homemade Recipes With Vinegar

# 1


  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar


  • 1-gallon water, ½ cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • Mix them in a bucket
  • Mop the floor to apply the mixture. It can give a clean floor by cleaning all the dirt every day. You can apply this recipe for regular use.

# 2


  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Essential oil


  • 1-gallon water, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon essential oil
  • Mix them in a bucket
  • Get a mop, and apply. Basically, this recipe is to add some fragrance while cleaning your floor.

# 3


  • Vinegar
  • Vegetable oil


  • 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • Mix the ingredient in a bowl
  • To apply them, use a spray bottle
  • You can easily use this recipe for those hardwood floors where the watering can become harmful.

# 4


  • Plant-based liquid soap
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Essential oil


  • 1 tablespoon plant-based soap, 1 tablespoon essential oil, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 gallon of water
  • Mix them in a bucket
  • This recipe will be best for over grimy hardwood flooring

# 5


  • Vinegar
  • Dish washer liquid
  • water


  • 1:1 water and vinegar, dishwasher liquid 1/6 of vinegar
  • For greasy floor

Homemade Recipe Without Vinegar

# 1


  • Lemon juice
  • Olive oil
  • water


  • ¼ cup of lemon juice, ¼ cup of olive oil, 5 cups of water
  • Mix them, to apply to use a mop
  • You can use this recipe to increase the shine of your floor

# 2


  1. Teabags
  2. Water


  • 4 cup of water, 4 tea bags
  • Boil them for some time.
  • Remove the leftovers.
  • Take a spray bottle and spray across the floor.
  • Mop the floor.

Recommendation for Some Effective and Non-Toxic Wood Floor Cleaner

For those who still can’t rely on homemade recipes and are skeptical, a few cleaning products are being recommended that are really quite effective and non-toxic. Most hardwood floor owners recommend these.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Wood cleaner

Black Diamond’s Wood Cleaner is quite effective for wood floor cleaning. If you have many family members and pets, you want a non-toxic cleaner; Black Diamond is just such a product. It’s easy to use.

  • Mix it with water in a spray bottle and spray on the spot with grease stains.
  • Keep rubbing in a circular motion with the help of a cloth. At one point the grease will loosen and rise.
  • Remove it with a clean cloth

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is an excellent functional product for wooden floors. It is the highest rated cleaner that most homeowners like and are satisfied with. You can use this liquid cleaner to clean grease stains. Bona Cleaner is easy to use.

  • Spray on the grease as needed and rub the area with a cloth.
  • You will see that at one stage the grease will come loose and remove it.
  • Wipe it off with another cloth and give the whole floor a nice mop at the end of it all.

Murphy’s Oil Soap Wood Cleaner

Murphy’s Oil Soap Wood Cleaner is an excellent wood floor cleaner. You can really expect something quite nice from it. You can remove grease from your greasy floor incredibly. It is a product mixed with water.

  • Simply mixed with water and spray on the specified area. Use a separate spray bottle for this.
  • Leave it like that for a while and rub it with a cloth and try to lift the grease, when it breaks the oily feeling of the grease it means it will start to rise.
  • Remove with a clean cloth.

You can also check all purpose cleaning product pine-sol, which is recommended from most of hardwood floor owners

How to Clean Hardwood Floor Naturally

Our floors can be dirty in many ways, but we need to know the right way to clean them. Learn how to clean wooden floors naturally. Follow the steps to get professional cleaning of your hardwood floor

Step-1: Vacuum the Area First

When you start working for the purpose of regular cleaning then you will definitely want to get the best results. For that you need to create an efficient vacuum. Because the floors are very messy in our daily commute and the dry dust is plagued with dirt, the vacuum can really give you a nice clean floor before you mop the floor.

You should choose a suitable vacuum cleaner to vacuum the hard floors. Since you are the owner of a hardwood floor, a suitable vacuum for this type of floor should be your regular vacuum. You can use your shop vac if you want. They can suck wet spills as well as remove dirt from hard floors efficiently.

How to clean wet-dry vac’s filter

Step-2: Make a Mixture with One of the Above Recipe

Now that you are ready to do the job of removing the inferior stains, if you are ready to do any specific cleaning work, make the desired recipe from the recipes described above, to get the desired result. Since there are differences in each stain, for example, the way you can clean grimy floor, you need to clean the grease stains in a slightly different way because the ingredients of soil and grease are different, so you have to use those ingredients against the stains. .

Mix all the ingredients in the container as per the description. And prepare for use.

Step-3: Mop the Floor in Right Way

You should keep two mops to clean the floor, one for dry wiping and the other for wet wiping. You need to take a mop to apply the mixture. What we do, we do not focus on one side when mopping the floor but it is an important aspect to keep the hardwood floor safe.

Wooden floors are quite sensitive. They can be damaged as a result of the excessive use of water. So when mopping we should take care not to wipe the floor too wet as it takes more time to dry and by that time the wood sucks water and wood starts to be damaged.

When mopping, wipe the sponge and squeeze well so that it does not stain when wiping the floor. After drying, ugly spots will appear.

Step-4: If Have Stain, Clean First

Before you finally mop the floor you need to see if there are any stubborn stains. If it is, you need to clean it first. There are a few things you need to know to remove any stains. That is, what the spots are and what ingredients you need to apply to work against them.

In our recipes we have discussed what to apply to remove stubborn stains like grease. If the floor stains are on the surface of the floor, it will be easier if it goes deeper into the wood floor, it will be a bit harder for you. In that case you need to stay up to the end of the stain and fill them with putty to flatten them again. Stain the place to balance and give a coat of polyurethane. To do this, collect the materials from your local hardwood floor servicing store.

Step-5: Remove the Odors

Many times the floors become permanently smelly due to unexpected accidents from our pets. And it can also be associated with bad breath due to daily dirt. So even after mopping the floor properly, many times the environment does not feel fresh so we should spend some time behind it.

In our recipes we have shared a recipe that will bring a fragrance from the time of cleaning.

Essential oils help us in this case. You can add as many flavors as you like. Moreover, you can apply baking soda for stubborn smells like pet urine. Baking soda is a very strong ingredient that can suppress unpleasant odors. Apply it in that place and let it sit for some time and the result is in front of you.

How to Clean Old Hardwood Floor (Even 100 years old Wood Floor)

Hardwood floors were once different. It was not finished in the pre-1950s. Nowadays, the beauty of Finnish wood has increased a lot. If you have been using wood flooring successfully for over 100 years, you are in luck. Although wooden floors are more sensitive than tile floors, they can be maintained for a long time with proper care. Apply wood cleaner or mineral spirit to remove their stains and use baking soda to remove the odor. In order to take care of them, we can follow a few steps.

Regular Mop

 We should add some time to our daily worklist to mop the wooden floors. It can’t hold all the dust and dirt of the day. We can go against the stain immediately if we wear any stain through daily cleaning. Pick a time at the end of the day to mop each day so that the time for the dust to enter from outside is over.

Vacuum the Floor Weekly

Vacuuming every day can be a hassle so we said just mop. However, you should vacuum well at least once a week. It will be able to clear all the dust that was hidden. And choose a vacuum cleaner with crevice tools and upholstery tools. This makes it possible to clean compressed spaces around your room or furniture, as your hands cannot reach and mop them.

Apply Wood Cleaner Once In A Month

We think of using wood cleaner only if we get stains but it is not right we should use wood floor cleaner at least once a month, whether there are any specific spots or not. This will allow the floor to retain its brightness and stay good for a long time.

How to Clean Greasy Hardwood Floor

The greasy floors make us really excited. However, dishwasher liquid works really well to remove them. To clean the greasy floor you can get rid of some of the materials in the house. The steps to clean the greasy floor are discussed.

  • Wipe off some paper towels to reduce the amount of grease before cleaning. wipe as much as possible. So you don’t have to use water for a long time to clean the grease.
  • You need to make a mixture to remove grease stains. As I said before, dishwasher liquids work well against grease. So the solution will have dishwasher liquid. The recipes described above include how to make a solution for greasy floor.
  • Take a microfiber cloth, soak in the solution. Remember there is no need to keep it wet. The fabric is microfiber so it is good for wiping the floor. Wipe instead of soaking with a damp cloth, so that the water does not affect the wood. You do it in a circular motion. Keep rubbing until the grease is completely gone.
  • Wipe the area with another cloth. Allow ventilation in the area while doing the work. So that it can dry.

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How to Refinish Hardwood Floor Yourself

No it’s not easy. If you think wood floors are as easy to refine as a stain cleaner, you are wrong. It’s not easy, but it’s possible for you. For this you have to give some dedication. If you can do it with patience, you can save some money and gain a new experience. I am discussing the processes.

Empty the Room

To refinish, you first need to empty the room. Move furniture and other equipment to a safe place. And if there is any decoration on the wall or window of your room, polish it as it may get damaged in the dust while sanding the floor.

Prepare for Sanding the Floor

Close all the holes in the room with the help of painter tap. Close window openings and cover the ventilation area with taps to prevent dust from entering such compressed areas.

Sand and Buff

Now sand the whole room with the help of a sander machine so that the previous finish is completely lifted and the wood is back to its original state. You may have to pass several times for this. Do not place the machine in one place. Since you are doing it for the first time, you can practice on a different piece of wood. At the end of the sand, buff the places that were not properly sanded. Make sure there is consistency throughout the floor.

Wipe and Stain the Floor

Mop the floor after each pass. Many people like the actual color of the wood and many people like the color. So the next step will be to stain the floor.

Polyurethane the Floor

There are two types of finishing, polyurethane coating or oil varnish. Polyurethane is becoming more and more durable and is gaining popularity day by day, so coat with polyurethane as needed. You can give as many coatings as you need.

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Some Prevention for Hardwood Floor

  • Use Area Rug
  • Make a rule to open shoes at the entrance
  • Stop pulling heavy furniture’s
  • Use rubber pads for them
  • Vacuum on a regular basis
  • Use cleaner which mainly made for hardwood floor
  • Don’t steam on the hardwood floor

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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