How to How to Get Blood out of Carpet with VinegarGet Blood out of Carpet with Vinegar

How to Get Blood out of Carpet with Vinegar

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Due to the advancement of technology, there are now many manufacturers who have been making carpets with anti-stain treatment. Yet there are some objects that are left much more stubborn and deep stains on the carpets, which become much more difficult to overcome.

However, you know a lot of guidelines when buying carpets and follow them. Sometimes accidents happen that we can’t avoid. The glass of water on the table in the living room has collided with you. A part of your leg has been cut off as a result of this. You immediately hid your feet in your favorite carpet to stop the flow of blood.

 It was only later that you remembered that you had done a great job. Don’t be discouraged there is a solution to everything, although the blood is basically slippery and protein so after sitting deep in the cloth or carpet. However, the sooner you clean it, the easier it will be for you. The older the bloodstain, the more challenging it becomes.

Blood is a bad stain for rug-like carpet as you cannot rubbing it properly to clean it as it may reduce the shine of the carpet. Maybe you think your carpet journey ends here. Before you get completely frustrated I want to say that you can easily do it with a little patience, I will tell you more comfortably you can do it without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Today we will do the work of cleaning the blood naturally with the ingredients that are in your kitchen as usual. We have always used vinegar so we will try that even today. Let’s get started on how to get blood out of the carpet with vinegar


How to Get Blood out of Carpet with Vinegar

Before starting the work, you must start with the necessary tools, it will reduce the hassle and will make any work easier.

Things you’ll need to do the process

Tools you need

  • Wet-Dry Vac: For the initial cleaning, you can do it with any vacuum or with your regular vacuum. However, it is not an easy task to absorb the water you will use to clean the carpet after all the stains have been removed, so a wet-dry vac will be required. You can also use it in the initial cleaning if you want.
  • Dish Sponge: Since the carpets are fibrous, a dish sponge is really effective for cleaning them.
  • Steel Brush: Blood will be ahead in any other stubborn stains so they need a steel brush to lighten the carpet.
  • Cloth: Take some cloth to wipe them wet.
  • Spray Bottle: You will need a spray bottle to spray water or liquid on bloodstains. The spray bottles will do better than you can spread with empty hands.
  • A Small Bowl and a Spoon: The most important solution for lifting stains so you will need a bowl and spoon to make it.
  • Gloves: Of course safety comes first; blood may not be your own so think about health. So be sure to wear gloves before doing this.

Supplies you need

I will share multiple recipes, so I am talking about several ingredients, you will basically apply the recipe as per your need.

  • Vinegar: Vinegar contains natural acids that help us in various cleaning tasks.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda basically removes all odors and it also works strongly against bloodstains.
  • Dish Washer: Blood is a protein-rich substance so it is very effective in breaking down proteins in their mixture with dishwashing detergent.
  • Ammonia: Ammonia is mainly used for much more stubborn stains. If the blood on your carpet is several days old, then ammonia is an important element.

We have tried to make a nice and truly effective recipe with the help of the ingredients in your house. So let’s know about some homemade recipes.

For New Stain

Recipe #1

  • 1 t. spoon Dish Soap
  • 2 Cup Cold Water
  • Mix the ingredient in a bowl
  • Apply them on the stain
  • Set them for about 10 minutes
  • Scrub the stain6

For Dried Stain

Recipe #1

  • 1 t. spoon ammonia
  • ½ cup warm water
  • For very deep stain ammonia is best so mix ammonia with water and make a paste
  • Apply the paste on the stain
  • Left them for 5-10 minutes
  •  Simply scrub

Recipe #2

  • ½ table spoon Dish Detergent
  • ½ White Vinegar
  • 2 cup of warm water
  • Make a thick paste with these ingredients
  • Apply on the stain and set them for 5 minutes

Recipe #3

  • 2 cup of warm water
  • 2 cup vinegar
  • 4 table spoon baking soda
  • Mix up all the things
  • Make a paste
  • Apply carefully
  • Take a time to work on the blood stain
  • Scrub little to lift the stain

How to Get Blood out of Carpet

Step #1 Dry Vacuum the Area with a Vacuum

As always, I will always tell you to dry clean the surrounding area before cleaning any place. Many people think it is not necessary all the time but it is an important part. Imagine that there is debris around you that fell into the solution applied to the place and ruined its quality or distorted the place by mixing with some chemicals. So vacuum the space.

Step #2 If There is Still Blood Clot, Wipe it

If the accident is new and there are blood clots, first wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel. If you apply a recipe on so much blood, it will never work, so wipe it off with a paper towel as much as possible, because the place for any solution application cannot have a wet sticky feeling.

Step #3 Apply the Solution

To apply the solution, first, rinse with cold water. Now make a recipe according to how old or new your stain is, hopefully, you have been able to create the right solution by following the instructions above. You should apply the recipe carefully to the stain. Be careful not to apply it without the stain.

Step #4 Wait a While

Give them some time for the solution to work against bloodstains. Leave them in that position for about 10 to 15 minutes so that they can sit on the stain and loosen the stain. But for good results, never give up too much time for it, it can be counterproductive. It can completely destroy the brightness of your carpet.

Step #5 Scrubs the Stain

Now you are ready to get the result but before that, you have to blot a little on them so that the spots do not re-place in the loose state. Gently rub the carpet with a dish sponge and try to wipe the stains off completely. Keep up the job for a while. If you want you can use a steel brush.

Step #6 Wash with Water

Your carpet is now completely safe, the carpet stains are gone. So take water to make it reusable. In this case, just wash the area without soaking the whole carpet.

Step #7 For Drying Use a Wet Dry Vacuum

Now a wet-dry vacuum will come in handy. Keeping the carpet too wet can be harmful to the carpet, so be sure to suck it with a strong wet dry vac after washing with water. You can never wipe a carpet empty-handed very well compared to a wet-dry vac.

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Step #8 Air Dry the Carpet

Let the carpet air dry. It may be that the actual location of the carpet is not protected when it is wet. Your pet or kids can ruin it in some way. So you can change the place if you want. Keep where there is always ventilation, maybe a window or a heated place. Wait for reuse. Carpets are basically thick which is normal to take time to dry so wait.

Try Some Alternative Methods

Many a times the best method fails for us and the solution of the same problem is solved in some small and simple way. So in this part of the paragraph we will discuss some of the alternative methods.

  • Toothpaste: Yes, toothpaste contains all the ingredients that are experts in removing hard stubborn stains. With toothpaste you can do a lot of great cleaning which you will be amazed to see. In the same way, they are very effective in removing the hard blood stains on the carpet. First apply some paste on the stain and take its cog toothbrush. Gently apply the paste on the spots. Now give them some time. Leave on for about 10 minutes. Now again rub on the stain with the help of a brush, of course gently so as not to damage the fibers of the carpet. When the stain is removed, wash the area and dry it.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: You can apply hydrogen peroxide to clean the blood from the carpet. It is quite effective for cleaning any stains. In this case you spray hydrogen peroxide on the stain and use water with it. Leave it like that for a while. Now blot with a dish sponge or small brush it may be a toothbrush and wash.
  • Salt with Warm Water: Salt basically helps break down blood proteins so you can cleanse the blood with salt. First mix some cold water with the salt and you can use a spray bottle to apply this liquid. Put some salt on the stain and give it some time to sit on the blood. Spray the prepared salt water mixture and scrub it for some time. When the stain has appeared, wash it off with cold water.

Thing should be Avoided in the Case of Blood Cleansing

  • Any blood stains should be cleaned as soon as possible to get the maximum results.
  • Hot water should never be used on fresh bloodstains. This makes the blood proteins stronger for deepening.
  • Never use ammonia to clean the blood on wool carpets as it may damage the surface of your carpet.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide only with white and cream colors. Because after using them they leave a glaze which is unsuitable for colored carpets.
  • Avoid ammonia on linen, silk or wool carpets.

Final Words

Due to ignorance, we often use the wrong ingredients in the wrong place to do this kind of cleaning, so we have to face a lot of losses. So the right guide is important for us.

Of course, bloodstains on the carpet are more challenging for you than any other stain, but we can do it easily with some effective methods. So I have shared some of these tested methods with you. I hope you will be able to remove any blood stains from the carpet by following the above methods. If you want you can see our other guides which are proven on the spot.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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