How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in Carpet

How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in Carpet

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We love to play and mingle with pets. Their wanderings in the house bring joy to our minds. But as soon as you own a pet, you have to accept that good times can come with bad times. They urinate everywhere, even on the carpets.

It may be that the accident happened due to their sudden excitement or illness. However, they have a policy of urinating, especially for dogs, that once they urinate in a place, they look for it again and again, to do the same thing again. Whatever they are beautiful, so we do accept it.

Cleaning the house every day is part of a well-planned routine. There are many parts of house cleaning, floor vacuum, kitchen, and toilet clean. Unexpectedly, urinating on the pet’s carpet will add extra stress to your work. You can’t leave that smelly urine that way and it will be unhealthy for your family.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions. Whatever you may miss for some reason and you notice while sleeping at night, and think how to get rid of the urine smell in the carpet. Don’t be discouraged because the cleaning process is easy, you can do the work at any time with some patience. The simple process will basically help you in this way.

Pet’s Urine


How to Get Rid of Urine Smell in Carpet

Feel free to apply this method and I believe it will help you incredibly, because it is proven. Many users have applied the method and expressed their satisfaction with the success. You will need the tools to do the job.

Things You Will Need


  • Wet Dry Vac: Wet dry vac is one of the most important tools you need to apply our best method, which is able to suck dry dirt as well as absorb wet liquids. Since you will clean a carpet from which you will not be able to remove the water like the floor. It requires motor power which can absorb water. You can read more about how to clean the carpet with the wet-dry vac.
  • Take a Brush: Avoid large or stiff brushes as it is not a hardwood floor or tile floor. Pick a soft brush or bristle free brush. You can take a toothbrush if you want.
  • Dish Sponge: If there are urine stains, you need to take steps to remove them. So take a dish sponge, it would be best to clean the carpet.
  • Gloves: Every job should be hygienic as you are going to clean the urine so use gloves for your good health.


  • Vinegar: We always try to give natural solutions to all the cleaning problems in our blog. So today I will talk about the power of vinegar in terms of cleaning. Vinegar contains essentially natural acids so it is just as effective as synthetic chemicals. It works great to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Baking Soda: Your main problem is eliminating the odor of pet urine. Baking soda will come in handy in this case. Baking soda is basically the most effective way to easily suppress all kinds of bad and suffocating odors.
  • Urine smell eliminating cleaner: If you want you can use a good cleaner from the market which removes urine smell. You will get very good quality products in the market for this.

Follow the Steps to Remove Pet’s Urine Smell in Carpet

Start the journey to reach your goal. Really it’s pretty simple. Start with faith.

Vacuum the Area

Before you start work, you should clean the dry dirt around it. The best option is to use an efficient vacuum, be it an upright vacuum or any of your regular vacuums. Hopefully there are attachments with which you can clean up.

Absorb the Visual Peed

If the pet has just urinated, it is still visible. You can use a paper towel to suck the liquids. If you want, you can wipe with a cloth that you forgot to reuse. In this case you can apply a trick to wipe the urine with a cloth and put it inside your toilet so that your pet will think that the place to pee is basically there, as I said, their policy.

Make a solution for the stain

With the help of natural acid vinegar we are able to solve many difficult tasks. Similarly, if Urine is old, it must have stubborn stains, so we will mix water with vinegar and make the mixture as required.

Make the mixture according to the amount of stains in your space. The ratio of vinegar to water will be 1: 1. Let them sit for 10 minutes for the solution to work and for maximum results.

Apply Baking Soda to Remove Odor of Urine

Sprinkle baking soda over the solution. Baking soda is basically what we use to suppress their odor. Baking soda, like vinegar, works great naturally. In the same way, let the baking soda sit for 10 to 15 minutes so that they can work with the solution. In this case, it would not be unreasonable to use smell remover. You will find good quality smell cleaners in the market. It is truly trustworthy.

Scrub for Little

Scrub lightly to remove urine stains as you have been waiting for some time after applying the solution and at this point the stains have become loose. Remember you are not rubbing any hard place wood floor or anything hard so scrub gently. For that you can take a dish sponge or do it with a toothbrush. Hopefully the scars have come up at this stage of scrubbing.

For Drying Use a Wet Dry Vac

For Drying Use Wet Dry Vac

It’s time to dry the carpet again. You have removed both the stains and the bad smell of pet urine and it is time to dry it again. The area you worked on needs to be cleaned with some water and sucked with a wet dry vac. However, you could do the job with the help of a paper towel, but believe me, the way a wet dry vac will support you is really incomparable.

Use Air Freshener on the Area

Even if all the odors are gone, use some air freshener to make the place look exactly like before. Your pet had an accident there and you can’t understand and move normally.

If can’t Find the Stain but Still Smell

Lot of times you may not have noticed the place where your pet has already urinated but you smell.

  • Sniff to identify odors. Try to understand and notice from which direction you are getting it.
  • If you realize the smell is coming from the carpet, notice exactly where. No space has become stiff. This type of fluid can cause the carpet to become a bit stiff and wrinkled.
  • Use a backlight it will be most effective. Turn off the other lights in the room and turn on the backlight from a distance. The urine stains will float yellow.
  • Mark the specified place with chalk.

Prevent for the Future

We should be more focused on prevention than cure. So in the future, we should focus more on how to avoid this accident. Considering a few aspects, I hope you will get rid of the pain of pet urine in the future.

  • Make some changes to the accident area for the pet, as they will look for the natural place again.
  • Prepare your toilet or the place where you want to make their urinal a place to solve their natural work.
  • For this, they basically like to get the smell in their body so make the environment favorable to them.
  • Find out, there was something in the accident area that encouraged her to urinate there. Remember to avoid it later.
  • Check with a good veterinarian to see if he is having any physical problems.
  • Provide proper training in choosing the right place for urination.
  • Take him around regularly. At least two days a week.

I hope you will find the solution to all the problems with pet urine by following the guide mentioned above. I have tried to give you all sorts of solutions to this not only how to clean the urine in the unexpected place of the pet but also what to do if you do not find it and share some tips to avoid this problem in the future. Check out our other guides to follow.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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