How To Improve Your Vacuum Cleaner Suction

How To Improve Your Vacuum Cleaner Suction | Vacuum Bazzar

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A vacuum cleaner meets all you’re cleaning needs, is capable of cleaning carpets and any surface, including pet hair, cleaning, and becomes your most preferred. If it becomes powerless then it is frustrating. Just rocking the vacuum worked for the first time, gradually after it becomes weak. It frustrates you when you see your vacuum leave some debris on the floor. Let’s know how to improve your vacuum cleaner suction

Since this is normal for every vacuum holder, you are one of them. Ever think about replacing a new one. When you are searching on the internet for the best vacuum with good suction, have you ever wondered what could be the reason for the vacuum suction decreasing day by day? A device is never made for just a few months or a couple of years. There are also some vacuums in the world that have crossed the era. But why is your vacuum doing that? So you need to know why or how the vacuum is losing their suction.

So, the reasons for losing the suction of vacuum cleaners, and the tips to increase their suction are detailed here. This will prevent you from wasting money on a new vacuum from time to time and will help you to be happy with your current vacuum.


How to Improve Your Vacuum Cleaner Suction

Here are some possible points that you may have already faced or may face in the future. So you need to know it all and also know the process of solving it.

Step-1: Make Sure the Vacuum is in Right Setting Up

There are currently hundreds of models of vacuum cleaners with different body designs, but the operating system is almost the same with the buttons. Many of us do not know how to use all the buttons of our regular vacuum and never try. However, there are ways to increase the suction of your vacuum.

In most cases, vacuum cleaners are set to the low or medium suction mode which may not be the case for us in all cases and we think the vacuum is unable to meet our needs. Before worrying about vacuum suction, notice if your vacuum suction mood is high. If it is not, it will make you happy, change their setting quickly. If this is already the case with high suction power, there are different reasons to lose the suction of the vacuum, so follow the next steps.

Step-2: Regularly Replace the Bag or Empty the Canister

This may be one of the reasons for leaving the vacuum’s suction as it has filled its bag. Bagged or bagless vacuum is also important. Always check the vacuum bag. Notice their dust bags in case of bagged vacuum. Check and replace at a specified time after cleaning.

Notice the fill line of their dust container in case of a bagless vacuum. Empty it before crossing it because when you see it on the fill line it gets jammed and can’t suck the dirt. You should note that even if it sounds normal, it will not be able to absorb dirt properly. Canisters and upright vacuums also have fill lines.

Step-3: Clean their Roller Brush

 Clean their Roller Brush

Vacuum suction can often be lost due to the vacuum’s roller brush not rotating properly. The rotating brush can be considered as the culprit for the suction loss of the vacuum. Rotating brush’s main task is to sweep debris and dirt into vacuum cleaners airflow suction. The brush makes things easier for the cleaner to pick up trash. So their effect may be to create suction to prevent their rotation.

So it is important to clean the vacuum brushes. It is covered with a lot of dirt and hair in daily cleaning work especially when cleaning carpets so cleaning after a long time can be challenging for you. And at the same time, it is important to know the correct way to clean them and also how to improve your vacuum cleaner suction.

Step-4: Check the Hose is Unclogged or Not

An important part of the vacuum is the hose pipe especially for a canister vacuum cleaner. This is not uncommon for hose pipes to be clogged behind the loss of suction of a vacuum. If the hose of your vacuum is really jammed, it will not be able to absorb the dirt perfectly even if it creates suction and you may feel that your vacuum is losing suction.

Check the hose pipes as they may get dirty inside. You need to clean them immediately. The hose pipe is not only for increasing suction but it can also leak hose pipes so it is much more important to clean it in time. What you need to do before the pipe leaks, once it leaks, I suggest replacing the hose pipe. And also learning how to clean central vacuums pipe this guide will help you.

A broom or something thinner should be used to clean them. It can reach the end of the dirt inside the pipe. However, here are the pro tips for cleaning hose pipes.

Step-5: Check for Air leaks

The above reasons were the possible reasons for losing the suction of a vacuum, but I am going to say the main reason for leaving the suction in this section. When air is released somewhere in your vacuum it means it is literally losing suction i.e. it is no longer vacuuming.

Either way it could be with the help of vacuum air supply places. In particular, the connection of hose or attachments can do the job. So it is very important to double check. Many times air can leak because their connection space is loose and this happens even if there is a leak in the hose pipe.

Check if there are any obstructions in places that supply vacuum air. It interferes with airflow due to the sticking of paper, hair or dirt which prevents it from pulling the debris properly.

The solution is to replace the parts, especially hose pipes, in case of leaks. Because if it is repaired, there is a possibility of air leakage again, so replace it

Step-6: Change the Filters

Change the Filters

Another notable reason for vacuum suction is clogged filters. This is an important point though it is beyond our comprehension how suction can be lost due to a clogged filter.

Each vacuum must have a motor filter and an additional filter that prevents allergies. Both the motor filter and the HEPA filter can be contaminated with filters that cause blockage in the suction.

It is important to clean the filters at a certain time. Do this at least once a month. You need to remove it to clean your vacuum filter so follow the manual so that it is not damaged. Because it can be different in each model

Wrap Up

Not only vacuum cleaners but also any device using it is losing their functionality day by day. But with proper use we can increase their efficiency.

The more efficient a vacuum cleaner, the stronger their suction power. Their suction proves their ability to suck dirt. So it is important. Many times vacuum cleaners may lose their suction for some common reason. So it is important to find the right reason to fix it.

In our discussion there were all the significant reasons why vacuum cleaners are losing their suction. Hopefully it will be easier for you to find your vacuum problem. And if you know of any more strategies, be sure to share.

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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q: Why vacuum cleaner lose their suction

Ans: There are many possible reasons for losing the suction of a vacuum cleaner, the most notable of which are mentioned. However, sometimes it can be due to motor disability, in which case you must seek the advice of an expert mechanic.

Q: is it difficult to improve vacuum suction

Ans: If you are convinced that your vacuum suction is losing due to the above reasons, it is easy to resolve. All you have to do is find the exact cause of the vacuum suction loss.

Q: Is it safe to do anything with vacuum in home

Ans: Yes, it is safe if the problem is minor. You can get great ideas online for cleaning vacuum brushes or cleaning their hose. However, if it is a major problem, I suggest you take the help of an expert.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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