How tHow to Remove Scuff Marks From Polyurethane Hardwood Floorso Remove Scuff Marks From Polyurethane Hardwood Floors

How to Remove Scuff Marks From Polyurethane Hardwood Floors

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Wood flooring is an expensive decoration. You can do everything to enhance the beauty of the house. But sometimes it can be harder to prevent them from getting damaged than installing them. It is easier if you take care of them regularly.

Vacuum them regularly; however, you need to choose the best vacuum for the wood floor that does not damage the wood floor and you can take care of them by healing their scratches quickly. But scuff? This happens suddenly;

After the awkward stains on the wooden floors for the scuff mark, this is totally incompatible with our personality. It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens because of a previous situation you created. Surely that makes you frustrated.

Erasing it from a polyurethane hardwood floor can be a daunting task. We can easily deal with normal and shallow scuff marks, but deep polyurethane finished floors are a bit of a hassle. In this case, we need to know the appropriate and effective methods.

Before we get to the new and toughest scuff removal methods, we need to know why scuff marks happen, so that it becomes easier to prevent.


Why Scuff Happen?

I believe prevention is more important than cure. So before we learn how to remove the scuff, let’s look at how it happens, it can prevent this kind of stuff in the future.

If we put heavy furniture directly on the wood, it is harmful. This can cause permanent scuffs on wooden floors. If you notice, maybe the chairs on your dining table can do more damage. Collisions with wooden floors at different times can cause scuffs on the floors and can sometimes be serious.

We cannot allow them to be harmed in this way. Something needs to be noticed. Carpets or rugs should be used in high traffic areas such as dining rooms. Put rubber pads on the legs of the furniture. Avoid dragging heavy furniture randomly. Stop the movement of high heels on the wooden floor. Keep steel tools away from children as they are quite intelligent and will start to apply their intelligence with those tools.

Since you have already scuffed on the floor, you want to know the effective methods to remove it. Let’s find out.

How to Remove Scuff Marks From Polyurethane Hardwood Floors

The scuff marks are after the awkward stains on the hardwood floor. This reduces the beauty of the wooden floors. So it is important to remove them effectively. But only the right way to remove them can give us a real cure. To that end, we will look at several methods by which scuff marks can be removed from a wooden floor

Thing’s You’ll Need

Apply a method. So collect the necessary tools accordingly. You will not need all the following materials. However, if one method does not work on your drag mark, apply to another method, and collect the materials accordingly.

  • Sponge or dry sheet
  • Pencil eraser
  • Rubber shoe
  • Baking soda tennis ball

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Removing Fresh and New Scuff Mark

There is a difference between fresh or new scuff and old stuff, so there is also a difference in the method of removing them. Fresh and new scuff marks can be easy to remove if it is not deep. First, let’s look at the new scuff mark removal methods.

Use of Sponge or Dry Sheet

I say once again this method is for new and shallow scuff marks.

  • Vacuum the designated area with your regular vacuum cleaner. And wipe the area with scuff marks so that the loose dirt does not bother.
  • Since you will be rubbing it a bit, be sure to wipe the space well.
  • Soak a sponge in hot water for a while and apply pressure on the stain with its help.
  • Keep rubbing gently until the scuff mark is smooth.

You can also do the job with the help of a dry sheet. In this case do not soak the dry sheets in hot water.

  • Wipe the space with a rug. And rub the space with a dryer sheet.
  • Until they are removed
  • Wipe again with the clean part of the rug. Of course, it’s easy

Use of Pencil Eraser

This is an easy solution. With the help of rubber eraser it is possible to remove small scuff marks, since it is an effective way so I am referring. Choose a light colored eraser so that it is not grimy.

  • Wipe the area with a damp cloth before applying the eraser to the area.
  • Grab the scuff mark with an eraser. Apply pressure, it will make the job easier.
  • Rub in the same way until the stain is completely gone.
  • Remove the remnants of the eraser when the scuff mark comes up to get rid of the new stain

Use of Rubber Shoe

Shoes are a significant cause of scuff, just as they are a cause of healing. You need to collect a rubber shoe.

  • Remove extra dirt each time before applying any method.
  • Rub the place with the help of rubber shoes. You need to apply pressure.
  • Use your hands or feet for that. Basically use shoelaces, this part tends to be stronger, although there are advantages to using the legs. But you have to do it with your hands to do it the right way.
  • The reason for using rubber shoes is to prevent new damage to the hardwood floor.
  • Rub until it is completely removed.

Removing Toughest Scuff Mark

It is possible to remove the toughest scuff marks but the methods of removing the new scuff marks are a bit different. Here are some great ways to clean up scuff marks.

Use of Baking Soda

This nice household ingredient is baking soda that is in your pantry. And great against the old scuff mark. Baking soda has many uses, one of which is that it is really quite effective at removing scuffs. Let’s take a look at the steps.

  • Vacuum and wipe the space well as always.
  • You can use baking soda as a paste or they can be used in real condition.
  • Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with 1 cup of water in a medium size bowl. It will not work if you do not make a smooth paste.
  • Scrub after staining with a cloth or brush. A toothbrush would be nice in this case.
  • Keep rubbing until it is removed.
  • Also, without making a paste, all you can do is spread baking soda on the scuff mark and let it sit for a while. Rub with a cloth or toothbrush.
  • Finally, remove the residue with a damp cloth.
  • Give them time to dry so keep ventilated with them.

Use of Tennis Ball

Tennis balls are one of the most effective methods for scuff mark removal. You will need a fresh tennis ball so that it does not leave new marks on the floor. Learn their uses.

  • The tennis ball can be grabbed directly but attached to a handle will give good results.
  • To cut the ball into X shape you will need a sharp knife and keep your hand carefully. As if it is not in the middle of the knife.
  • Insert a broomstick or any strong stick head into the cut part of the ball.
  • Grab with some pressure.
  • Do this until it comes up completely.
  • Clean with a clean cloth


Now you know about the best methods to clean scuff marks. Hopefully, this will be appropriate to remove any scuff marks on the floor of your house

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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