How To Use Vacuum Cleaner – Step By Step Guide – In 2022

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The clean environment around us is desirable to all of us but most likely you do not enjoy vacuuming. This is very important for good health in our family. Every corner of the house, including your floor, is cleaned, especially carpets that are difficult to clean without a vacuum cleaner. Let’s know how to use vacuum cleaner.

Previous vacuums were quite heavy and difficult to operate, but now the vacuum cleaners are easier and more enjoyable to use. Manufacturers even play a competitive role in creating vacuum cleaners with their weight and how much lighter it can be kept. At the same time they have great accessories that make your job easier

Vacuum cleaners aren’t just for cleaning your floor, they are also amazing for cleaning the space in your home that only they can.

So you need to know the best techniques to use vacuum cleaner. In most cases we cannot use vacuum properly and we cannot remove dirt properly. Let’s find out how to use vacuum cleaners.


How To Use Vacuum Cleaner – Step By Step Guide

Cleaning the house is easy with a vacuum cleaner if you know how to operate it. Dirt is removed more efficiently. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1 Check The Dust Bag

Check the dust bag

If you cleaned the dirt last time, most likely the bag is full. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you have a modern vacuum, they have a removable bag that doesn’t need to be cleaned. Just move the bag to the trash can. If you have a bagless vacuum, take a look at their dust cups. Read on to better understand the difference between bagged and bagless vacuums.

Step 2 Adjust The Height Of The Vacuum

Adjust the height of the vacuum

One of the features of current vacuum cleaners is that you can set the height to your advantage. Set it according to the range of your floor or carpet and your own height. Keep in mind that too high a vacuum is likely to be a cause of loss of suction. And very low altitudes can block air flow.

Step 3 Prepare The Space

 Prepare the space

Vacuum cleaners are popular mainly for removing dust and small particles, so remove other dirt first. Keep empty toys, chips or empty cans in your trash can. For this, you have to know dust or vacuum first when cleaning.

Step 4 Plug In The Vacuum

Again you are ready to turn on the vacuum. Plug in the vacuum first, it starts to move, basically making its suction and in many cases it makes noise. As you probably know, every device or machine loses its functionality day by day, so if you want to get better performance from your vacuum, you need to learn how to improve vacuum suction. In the case of some vacuums it can be quite high so to buy a vacuum cleaner you have to keep in mind this aspect of their word. Be sure to check out the Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide for this.

Slowly push the vacuum onto your floor or carpet. Their wheels help them to move properly. Slowly move forward so that the dirt can pick up better. Quick pass dirt can be left behind.

If you are cleaning the carpet, do it slowly and start from either side or end on the opposite side. The same is true of floors.

Step 5 Use Of Vacuum Attachments

Use of vacuum attachments

Your vacuum comes with a nice attachment, use it as you need. Attachments help you clear spaces or corners other than the floor. There are multiple attachments to vacuums. Be sure to check the manual to understand its counter-use.

Do not re-spread the dirt under your furniture or in this vacuumed area so keep the windows closed or do not run the fans while vacuuming.

Uses Of Vacuum Cleaner’s Others uses

The most common uses of vacuum cleaners are floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning but there are still some excellent uses by vacuum cleaners that you may like. Basically a vacuum can be versatile as their attachments allow vacuum cleaners to clean any part of the house beyond the floor.

Here are some great uses for vacuum cleaners:

  • Capture extra pet hair: Although cleaning pet hair from your sofa or bed is a common task. Even current vacuums include a pet tool that helps you clean your pet’s hair more brilliantly. But one more great thing about cleaning your pet’s hair is that you can take a few passes before giving your pet a bed or a quilt washing machine. This protects the machine from getting extra hair stuck.
  • Reduce Indoor Allergens: You probably know that HEPA filtering systems are now installed in vacuum cleaners to capture allergens along with the dust around us. Ensures a fresh and healthy environment.
  • Small Particle Pickup: Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning materials because they are capable of capturing even the smallest particles from the narrowest space.
  • Clean kitchen appliances: There are many uneven spaces in the kitchen which can make it difficult for you to clean with bare hands. However, vacuum cleaners come with some attachments that can clean overly compressed spaces more accurately. Their dusting tools and crevice tools are the most efficient. You can also try wet and dry vac. If you have carpet in your kitchen, wet and dry vac cleaning will help you clean it. For this you need to know how to use wet vac to clean carpet.

Common Vacuuming Mistakes

There are some common mistakes of vacuuming

Vacuuming is an essential and important task in our daily life. However it can be difficult and ineffective if you include some wrong vacuuming. So here are the common mistakes in vacuuming that you should know.

  • Vacuum with a dirty filter whose efficiency has already expired.
  • Don’t change the bag when it’s not full
  • Not using vacuum attachments is a very common mistake, as attachments are a turning point in vacuuming.
  • Not vacuuming on either side is another mistake.
  • Do not move furniture and objects that are removable.
  • Do not clean the hose or brushes of the vacuum cleaner at the right time
  • Vacuum pass very quickly
  • Not adjusting the height of your vacuum which causes loss of vacuum suction and obstruction of air flow.


Vacuuming is an important part of our daily routine but it does not always bring us a wonderful experience because it is our daily routine but most of the time we do not know how to use it properly. We do not understand the proper technique of using vacuum, which can make the task more difficult and boring for us.

In today’s discussion you know how to use vacuum cleaners and some of its excellent uses. I’ve tried to point out some of the most common mistakes in vacuuming that will help you make a successful pass. Visit here to see our other guide to vacuum cleaners.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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