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How To Vacuum Tight Spots In Car – Like A Pro | in 2022

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Cleaning the tight spaces of a car basically includes every compressed space of the car. Although the large debris inside the car is cleaned, the compressed space between the car seat and the space between the consoles is often overlooked because they are narrow. So you may wondering how to vacuum tight spots in car.

A car collects all kinds of garbage. However, dust and small food particles start accumulating in their narrow spaces. This can be harmful for you if you are an asthma sufferer. Or it could be a barrier to your child’s well-being.

All these places are excluded from daily cleaning because it is not easy to clean them by any extension of vacuum. To clean them you need other tools to vacuum. Crevice Tool or extension wand will come in handy.

If you want a tight cleaning guide for your car, here it is. First find out what you may need to do to clean the car, then see how the car can be cleaned perfectly.


How To Vacuum Tight Spots In Car

The tight spaces of the car are often unsuitable for vacuum so it is excluded from daily cleaning. However, you need to clean these places at least once a week.

There are some areas of the car that can be made difficult to clean by the vacuum’s crevice tool, so you need to know how to clean the tight spaces of the car. Here is a flower guide.

Step: 1 – Remove The Junk In The Car

You have to look at the big debris there, before you start cleaning the tight spaces of the car. The dirt you throw in your car for everyday use includes things like packets of chips, coffee cans, and water bottles that are not cleaned. And it gets stuck on the car floor, carpets or under the seats.

Start with them first. Open all the doors of the car and remove all these objects in the car. Use a basket to dispose of dirt instead of cleaning an outside space. This is basically the first step in cleaning the tight space.

Step: 2 – Remove All The Carpet In The Car

remove all the carpet carpet in the car

Take out the carpets of the car. These can be called floor mats. The dirtiest parts of your car are the carpets. These are not difficult to remove because they are not installed, they are loose.

Keep mats in a dry clean place, if you need to clear it in a while. In this case, it should be noted that when removing carpets, not only the floor carpets but also everything that can be removed should be removed. Also notice the loose cover of your seat or the floor liner of the trunk. Cleaning carpet is an important part of your car.

Step: 3 – If Possible Take Out The Car Seats

Then all you have to do is deal with the car seats. The condition to clean the cars thoroughly is to clean their seats and their depths better. If the seats are covered, then you have already collected them with the floor mats.

If possible, remove the car seats from their seats. This will further help you to clean perfectly. It is possible to open the seats in most car models. You need to take some precautions to separate the seats from the car. If you have airbags or any other electrical connection to your seats, you need to disconnect them first. Then think of removing the seats.

If you have a modern model car, you probably don’t need to take out the seats. Most modern cars come with a rail system so you can push the seats forward and you can clean that space. This system helps pass someone in the back seat.

Step: 4 – Vacuuming The Car’s Interior

vacuuming the car's interiors

Now you are ready to clean the inside of the car. For that you need to choose a good vacuum, be it your regular vacuum or choose best cordless car vacuum which are available in the market.

Use Your Vacuum’s Brush Attachment

The car is not a flat area so vacuum brushes would be a good choice to clean them. Beside the crevice tool and an extension wand will come in handy. Brushes are best for collecting tiny dust particles from plush textile surfaces. If you do not have a brush attached to your vacuum, try to get an extra one. Because the way a brush can pick up dirt from your clothes and any depth can do nothing else. You must be able to operate the vacuum. Hold your fabric in one hand and keep the vacuum in the other hand. Perhaps you have done it. If you can’t, here’s how to use a vacuum cleaner. Secondly you should check your vacuum’s brush roller stuck or not, you should know how to remove hair from vacuum roller.

Vacuum The Floorboards Thoroughly

Clean the floor boards more thoroughly. Vacuum every corner of the car. As if not a single place was left out. Continue to vacuum until all dirt has been removed from the floor mats. Look for places where dirt is hidden and likely to accumulate. There are places under the seat where the rail may accumulate dirt or look under the brake accelerator

Vacuum Car Seats And Carpets

After cleaning the floor area of ​​the car, now you have to concentrate on the car seats and carpets. If you take the seats out, you will find ample space for cleaning. If the seats are still attached, vacuum there and pull in front of them to get some more space for cleaning. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets you have previously removed. You can give a few passes to clean well.

Vacuum Tight Space In The Car

You’re almost done with the vacuum, but there’s still an important step to take. Clean all tight and compressed areas of the vehicle. For this, start with the crevice tool, use the extension wands to get the dirt from the deepest place. But always check you vacuum cause sometime you may wonder ” why my vacuum smelling burnt?”.

Step: 5 – Clean Car Trunk

clean car trunk
Young woman standing and cleaning car trunk with hand vacuum cleaner

Be sure to clean the trunk of the car. This is an important part of the car. It holds the goods you expect so it is normal to get dirty very often. So you must clean the trunk. Or it may increase the chances of mold, which is bad for your health.

Step: 6 – Back To The Car Seats

If you removed the seats from the car, now is the time to reset them. If you can detach the seats from the car it means you will be able to reset them. Don’t forget to reconnect the connections of your car seats. And this is how to vacuum tight spots in car.


You’ve probably been able to clean your car and its tight spaces very nicely. One of the things you need to keep in mind is to pick a good vacuum and make sure that they include brush extensions, crevice tools and extension wands.

Notice the narrow spaces in the car seat and front area. Thoroughly clean the area using appropriate extensions. Check out our other guides here.

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