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Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuum | With Proper Guide

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Today’s article is to strengthen the decision of those who are considering stick vacuum due to the feature of cleaning any mess quickly. These cordless vacuums are best for those who almost always want to clean up quickly. They are more preferred for their body design and their lightweight. Lets know about Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuum.

Dyson companies have added great features of stick vacuums. The work of cleaning them through their cyclonic technology is really commendable. They are able to clean all the dirt quickly. The vacuum’s switch between vacuum and dirt is enough to give you the gift of a clean house in moments. It is important to know their pros and cons to know them better.

stick vacuum cleaner
Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Pros and Cons of Stick Vacuum

For all the nice features of stick vacuums, they are being considered and preferred as a regular vacuum at home. Most of the stick vacuums are cordless, they are mainly battery powered. This is one of the main reasons why stick vacuums are more popular than corded vacuums like upright canisters.

Stick vacuums have many benefits that we enjoy in our daily lives. However, there are some cons to using them that we need to know. But each thing has both pros and cons. However, in the case of a stick vacuum, I would say that it is popular despite several disadvantages. It is always a good device to clean your specific area in an emergency.

Pros of Stick Vacuum Cleaner

  • They are cordless: The main reason why stick vacuums are popular is that they are cord-free because they are battery-powered. You can run it again with some time charge. Being cordless it doesn’t have the fear of getting stuck anywhere you can work at Relax. You can ensure full use of the vacuum in charge.
  • They are Bagless: The advantage of being bagless is that you can easily see the level of their dust capacity. And can be prepared for exactly when you can empty the bin.
  • Don’t have to bend to clean with them: Because of the back pain problem, many people buy all the equipment in the house very carefully. The good news is that you don’t have to bend at all to work with a stick vacuum. They have a long body shape so you don’t have to lean.
  • Easy to lift: It is quite light in weight so you can lift it easily. You can also carry it around your neck. They weigh less than half as much as a corded vacuum. Since it is easy to lift, you can easily clean the ceiling of your house without anyone’s help.
  • Can clean any mess very quickly: This may be due to your urgency to clean up quickly. Or the places that are still dirty after a busy day need to be cleaned before the guests arrive. In this case, the stick vacuum is able to give you the expected results. It’s really easy to clean if you keep it ready with a full charge.
  • Most of them are two in one: Stick Vacuums Most models have the advantage of splitting the stick. This means that they can be made handheld from a stick vacuum. You can do it through a handheld where a long vacuum is unable to reach.
  • There is no fear of getting stuck on the long cord: When working with corded vacuums you have to be a little bit concerned that the cord may get stuck somewhere or you may get entangled in it yourself. It may be that your favorite vase on the table is stuck with the cord. However, you will not have any such problem with cordless stick vacuums.
  • Powerful suction: Cordless vacuums are battery operated but have good suction power. At present some companies have brought a vacuum in the market with good suction power. Stick vacuums with cyclonic technology from shark companies work great.
  • Can clean an: awkward place: Any kind of place can be cleaned in an instant. It can clean stairs or corners very efficiently. They can easily clean uneven places like your car. In this case, if you want, you can turn them into a handheld.
  • Less Noisy: It makes less noise when in use than corded vacuums.

Cons of Stick Vacuums Cleaner

  • Can’t clean the carpet very well: Most of us use carpets and it is important to clean them if they are dirty. Stick vacuums are not very good at this. They can clean all the mess very well but the dirt can’t get out of the carpet efficiently.
  • Limited storage: To retain this lightweight feature, the manufacturers have designed each part in a very small size which makes their dustbin very small. The bin fills up as soon as some dirt accumulates and has to be emptied again and again which can annoy.
  • Low filtration for low dust capacity: The bodies of stick vacuums are designed in such a way that they have less dirt holding capacity and not enough space for filtration. Dust filtration is an important part of vacuuming.
  • Limited runtime as it is battery powered: How much space is unclean and how long it takes to do it may not always be the same. However, it will fix the battery-life of the vacuum as they are battery powered so you will have a maximum of 20 to 45 minutes to complete the task but it is only for battery-life once. This is of course a major problem for battery-powered vacuums.
  • There is no extra attachment with stick vacuum: No separate attachment can be used with stick vacuums except for the attached brush which is a matter of utmost urgency. Such as hose pipes and more other attachments.
  • They are usually expensive: They are expensive because of their convenience and popularity. Basically they are battery powered so they are very expensive.

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Dust storage capacity

The ideal is to clean the dustbin as soon as it is full. If this is not done, your vacuum may lose its efficiency. You always want the vacuum to get the job done on time, but if you don’t get rid of the accumulated dirt, it won’t do the job properly.

Although it can be a bit annoying to empty the bin repeatedly if it is frequent. However, with the way you can work fast with stick vacuums, emptying the bin a few times will not be a problem for you at all.

Cordless vacuums come with two features, bagged and bag-less. Bagged vacuums bring some benefits to you; they basically don’t let you face dust. Not just for allergies but I would say it is important for all to avoid direct dust so that germs do not attack directly. Although some have worked for bag-less vacuums and are protected from direct dust. Dyson should be thanked for that.

Easy to maintain
Easy to Maintain

Light -Weight

The weight of the vacuum is a matter to consider. Because many times you have to carry it to work with it. At one-time vacuum cleaners were very heavy due to which only a certain place could be cleaned. But you may have a different place to clean. So the weight of the vacuum carries wide importance.

Vacuums have improved a lot over time. Stick vacuums are one of them. They are cordless and very light in weight. You can easily carry them from one place to another; you can even carry these vacuums around your neck and climb stairs.

With a stick vacuum, you can clean the higher parts of the house. Being cordless allows you to move freely and meet your needs.

Battery life

The main part of cordless vacuums is its battery. Basically, You have to fully charge the batteries and then you have to work. In the case of battery-powered vacuums, I would say you don’t have much time to clean.

Early cordless vacuums took 30 minutes or less to clean. However, due to the advancement of technology, work has been done to develop them and Dyson V11 allows them to live up to 60 minutes. However, it is only in eco mode, in turbo mode, you will get one-fourth of the time in eco mode.

On average, cordless vacuum batteries last 20 to 50 minutes after each recharge.


Above all, stick vacuums are compact, cord-free so make it easy to run around and can suck your pet’s hair perfectly and efficiently. Stick vacuum can give you a little perfect clean house in moments. Hopefully, the Cordless Stick Vacuum is going to be an ideal vacuum for your home.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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