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Worried about where to store your best friend (vacuum cleaner)? Which you always have with a clean room We often have to fall into this confusion as to where the vacuum cleaner can be stored. Their body shape and the attachments they have with them can ruin the beauty of your home. So you want to store them in a place where it can have a beautiful life and maintain a home environment. Vacuum cleaner storage ideas is an important part for you

However, when you have limited space in your room you should consider this when buying a vacuum. There are also several other things to consider when it comes to vacuum storage. For example, if you vacuum frequently, their storage should be such that it can be easily removed and somewhere nears your cleaning area. If you are not using the vacuum frequently, its storage will be different.

Here is a detailed discussion of what should be considered in the case of vacuum storage and what the storage should be according to the category of vacuum, some great ideas for perfect storage of your vacuum cleaner.

Thing You Should Consider

Storage may be limited in most homes, especially in apartments. But you can find great storage space using your innovative ideas. For this you need to consider the following issues, which are here:

The Layout of Your House

If you live in a small apartment or house that lacks a cleaning equipment area, you should be able to create that area in a convenient corner of your home, making it easier to store other cleaning equipment, including your vacuum.

A few hangars can be used for this and a cabinet where the necessary tools can be hung.

However, this should be considered before buying your vacuum cleaner. Try to buy a vacuum according to the size of your storage. If you don’t, you may have to suffer to store a vacuum cleaner.

How Many Times Are You Using Your Vacuum?

Another important factor when it comes to vacuum storage is how much you are using the vacuum cleaner. If you use the vacuum several times a week, it should be stored in a place where access is easy. So that every time you can easily take it out and put it back as easily as you do it several times a week. Especially if you have a pet, you need to use a vacuum. If you have a carpet with your pet, this need will probably increase.

The right place for this might be under your sink or next to a cabinet. Keep reading to know more storage ideas.

Size of the Vacuum

Another important factor to consider when it comes to vacuum storage is the size of your vacuum. Depending on how big or small it is, they should choose a place for storage.

If you have a handheld, think of storing it in your drawer because in some cases it is so small. If you have a large unit like Upright or Canister, you need to think about a little wider space. It could be a part of your cabinet or under your bed. If the attachments of the vacuum unit are isolated, their storage may be easier.

But especially when buying a vacuum you should consider that the vacuum fits your closet or cabinet area.

Storage with Type of Vacuum

Just because you have a vacuum means you know it falls into several categories. Of course, there are differences in their size so there will be differences in their storage in general.

This is probably the most important consideration in finding the right place to store a vacuum. Keep reading below to understand the differences in their size.

Handheld Vacuum

handheld vacuum

Of all the categories of vacuum cleaners, the handheld vacuum is considered to be the most versatile vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuums are a great choice for your home and car. They weigh less and are smaller in size, which takes up much less space for the store.

A handheld vacuum comes in two forms, cordless and corded. Cordless vacuums take up relatively less space. Most handheld vacuums have a variety of attachments. However, many of them have onboard storage. Such vacuums are easy to store and can be placed anywhere. They can be placed anywhere according to the type of their size. There are some models that can be hung so they will get easy storage.

Robotic Vacuum

robotic vacuum

A robotic vacuum is a great invention among vacuum cleaners. It does all the cleaning of your house with just one command. Their shape is round and flat. It takes up the least space for storage.

You will be able to store them anywhere under your table, desk or bed because it will never bother you for their size.

Most robotic vacuums come with a charging dock that you can set behind most doors or sofas or next to your cabinets.

It has cordless and portability so you don’t have to worry about storing them. When they finish cleaning it will go back to their charging station and take their place.

Most robotic vacuums are very well designed so you can place them anywhere in the house. Rather it captures the beauty of your home.

Upright Vacuum

upright vacuum

The upright vacuum is the strongest of the portable vacuums, although the canister vacuums are in the same row. The power of an upright vacuum is suitable for cleaning any space in your house. They have the necessary attachments, which meet all the requirements of cleaning a house.

An upright vacuum for an apartment can prove to be an oversize vacuum since it is quite strong so their body shape is wide. For this, you need a separate space to store because they have extra accessories that will occupy a very good place. If you have a small home then an upright store can be difficult for you. When buying a vacuum you must consider the convenience of the store. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can store your vacuum cleaner safely while keeping it easily accessible for regular use.

Canister Vacuum

canister vacuum

Canister vacuums are much more powerful than handheld or robotic vacuums. Their size is also relatively large which means you will find them in a large wide size.

They have attachments used for various purposes. These, of course, occupy a considerable space, because their accessories are not as limited as a handheld vacuum. Most canisters will need a separate place for their accessories. However, it is never as strong a handheld as the upright vacuum. If you want to clean your whole house at once, this is your best pick.

Their design probably doesn’t enhance the beauty of your home, so where do you want to store them behind. There are many ideas for this, such as good old storage or broom closet, laundry room or mudroom, or even a spare room. If you do not have these options to use, you can place this large unit of canister vacuum under your bed or next to the sofa. Most canister vacuums have the option of storing their unit upright.

Stick Vacuum

stick vacuum

Stick vacuums are mostly cordless, but they also have corded models. All the stick vacuums are also called cordless vacuums. There are several handheld vacuums that come in the form of 2 in 1s, which are capable of being converted from a handheld to a stick vacuum. All these vacuums take up less space for storage than their efficiency.

Cordless vacuums are quite powerful. If you have a small home, a stick vacuum is a great choice for this type of home. A stick vacuum is ideal for them as their dirt-holding capacity is low.

Stick vacuums look like a stick so it takes up very limited space for the store. In some cases, it comes with so many wall-mounted systems so you don’t have to store it separately. The wall mount that comes with the stick vacuum can be set out of your sight so that it keeps your environment in order.

Wet-Dry Vac

wet dry vac

Wet dry vac, meaning the vacuum can clean both wet and dry. A wet-dry vacuum shop is also known as a vac. These vacuums are not used primarily for homes but for garages or construction sites. Shop vacs are quite heavy and quite strong. You will probably find them quite scattered, they will take up a lot of space for storage.

A shop vac may be suitable for a borough home but it is not suitable for a small home. If you have cut wet dry floating, you need to consider a little space for your storage. There are very few models that are a bit smaller in size and come with less attachment as most models come with a lot of attachments since they have to do a huge job.

Vacuum cleaner storage ideas

Already you know what kind of place you need for storage according to the Vacuum cleaner category, so you can easily find the appropriate place for your vacuum. Let’s find the best place in your house to store vacuum:


store vacuum in bedroom

We think only to store the necessary tools to store the closet or kitchen, but there are some places in our bedroom that can be the best for objects like a vacuum cleaner. This will not be lost in the environment of the house.

Think of the following words of your bed, you have not thought of keeping something there possible, but you can keep your vacuum cleaner flatter there if your bed is elevated and is accessible.

If you have a small apartment it will be a good idea for you. Do not see what is under your bed, so hang your bed sheet on both sides and will hide all of you.

Kitchen Room

store vacuum in kitchen

Most kitchens have a cupboard to keep the cleaning tools. This can be a great place for your vacuum cleaner. If the space inside the cupboard is not convenient to keep the vacuum, you should change its design a bit; you should do it because the vacuum cleaner store is not for a few days you have to do it all the time. So spell a part accordingly so that they can be set with the attachment of the vacuum.

In many cases, it may be convenient to keep the vacuum in the broom cupboard. Their hose can be hung by placing the vacuum unit in a part. If you live in a really small apartment, place the vacuum unit in a specific place in your kitchen and attach a pin to the wall and hang the hose there.

Hall Room

store vacuum in hall entrance

Hall rooms or entrances can be an innovative idea for storing vacuum cleaners. There are cupboards at the entrance of your hall room, make a place there. If you want you can use any one corner of your hall room. If you are worried about your home environment, use the cupboards.

Closet or Landry Room

store vacuum in closet

Most homes have closet areas that may be suitable for storing your vacuum cleaner. The closet area of ​​each house can be different. This is under your stairs or in the kitchen pantry or in places that are far from your living room.

The closet of any house will probably be the most suitable place to store a vacuum. Their design will be perfect for a vacuum. Set aside a portion of the closet to hold vacuum units and hang hose pipes with brooms on their doors


store vacuum in closet

If you don’t have a large home, storing a vacuum can be a bit of a hassle for you. If your home is so small, you may want to ventilate your vacuum.

One of your garages lets you come to this. If you use a vacuum once a week, it is most beneficial to store it in a vacuum garage for your small home. However, if you use it often, your garage will only be suitable if the garage is very close to your home and the vacuum is easily accessible.

Pick a place in the garage where your car will not collide with a vacuum cleaner. You can use a specific side or corner.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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